Benefits Of Underfloor Heating Cables

When choosing the right heating for your home, many factors need to be taken into account. Heating elements can be intrusive or unsightly, and certain rooms may be ill-suited to one type or another. The one guiding principle should be that the entire room is heated evenly and quickly.
An increasingly popular option in new constructions and retrofitting older homes is the installation of underfloor heating cables. For a number of reasons, it’s often a better choice than underfloor heating mats and provides fast, even heating to any space.

1. Suitable for All Floors

There’s no flooring restriction when using a heating cable to heat a room. They allow maximum flexibility when designing the home itself. Tile, laminate, wood, and vinyl are all compatible with underfloor heating cables. It’s even suitable for rooms with wall-to-wall carpeting. The radiant heat from heating cables doesn’t affect the integrity of any kind of flooring and won’t reduce its lifespan.

2. In Many Cases, it’s More Affordable

For starters, underfloor heating is much more energy-efficient than standard radiators. For an average room, radiators need to be heated to the 65-75 degrees Celsius range to effectively warm the entire space. With underfloor heating, it’s enough to run it at around 30 °C to reach a comfortable temperature, saving substantially on energy bills.
Heating cable price also tends to be cheaper than installing radiators. The price of new radiator installation can include well over a hundred feet of underfloor heating cable. Take a look at the prices offered by Wetroom Design.

3. Fully Adaptable to Any Home

On top of being compatible with any type of floor, underfloor heating cables allow total control when choosing how to heat a room while being completely unobtrusive. As their name implies, the cables are hidden under the floor and therefore take up no space in the room. They also heat evenly rather than radiating from one area, which causes hot and cold areas.
Additionally, you can choose how quickly of how slowly you’d like a room to be heated. Laying the cables in a narrower or wider distribution will have a corresponding effect on the heating speed. It also allows for effective heating in even the most awkwardly structured rooms. The cable can be laid in tight spots just as easily as open spaces.

4. More Comfortable and Better for Air Quality

Radiators create areas of heated air that promotes the constant circulation of hot air which displaces dust and dirt around the room. Dust trapped behind radiators is also a fertile ground for the collection of dust mites, pollen, and other allergens that can cause what’s known as “home fever”. Cleaning behind radiators is a complicated task that’s entirely unnecessary when using underfloor heating cables.

The Beast Heating at the Best Price
When choosing the right type of heating for your home, consider underfloor heating cables. They’re easy to install, require no maintenance, and heat an entire room evenly, leaving no cold spots. They’re also a great investment as they’re significantly more energy-efficient than radiators and improve air quality in your home.

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