Linear Wet Room Trays

Walk in Shower Trays with End Linear Drain

Wet Room Shower Tray with Linear Drain | Wetrooms DesignShowerlay Line is a Walk in Shower Tray designed for installation in wet room tiled floors. It's main advantage is premachined slope towards the drain on the entire former surface. Stainless steel linear shower drain is located parallel to the shorter edge. It's a complete Wet Room Tray Linear Drain with McAlpine waste trap included. While End Drain Shower Base is more expensive than one with square, it looks significantly better in every bath. Technical properties of a linear drain shower tray are usually the same as those of ones with square drainage, although they more beautiful. Wetroom shower tray linear drain available in our store has 10 years of warranty, which gives you that peace of mind so it will work without any problems for a long time.

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