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Linear drain
Can I install it in wet room tiled floor?

Dear Pamela,

Premium drains are designed to be installed in wet room tiled floors. Please notice that the distance from the stainless steel flange surrounding the drain, integrated for sealing purposes, to the top edge of vertical frame is 15 mm, so is the maximum thickness for your tiles plus adhesive and insulation. 8 - 12 mm is the optimal tile thickness for this drain type.

Please notice that you need to create your own slope in your shower to make sure water is not pooling on the floor and we recommend to have at least 150 mm from left, right and upper drain edge to the walls. Alternatively if you don't want to worry about this you might take a look at our Showerlay Line wet room kits drain range, with this drain already integrated and waterproofed.

Kind regards,


020 7193 0953


Dear Julie,

I would like to confirm that grating patterns are interchangeable and can be swapped even after installation is done. There's even possibility to have multiple covers for a single channel.

At the moment it is not possible to order gratings separately on our website, please contact us and we'll prepare an offer for you.

We will need delivery address, billing address (if different) and then we'll send you link for payment.

If you have any questions please contact me.

David 020 7193 0953

Can these be used for vinyl?

Dear Dave,

I can confirm that these drains are suitable for vinyl floor covering. Please notice that Invisible drain, including it's grate needs to be covered with your finish entirely.

For your information this drain doesn't have clamp - mechanical locking system. It needs to be stuck to the drain with adhesive that connects PVC to stainless steel.

Hope that helps. If you have any questions please let me know.

Adam  017 0927 3601

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Showerlay line
Hello, could you please tell me, how long for delivery showerlay linear 800x1000  £ 299.99 to London NW6. I would need it for Tuesday/Wednesday ne . . .

Dear Katie,

Unfortunately 800 x 1000 is not one of our standard size, we could manufacture custom  shower tray, it would be slightly more expensive and we would need few more days to produce and deliver.

Alternatively you might want to buy Showerlay 1000 x 1000 mm Line and then trim it. That's very easily and can be done with regular handsaw, doesn't do any harm to the tray. Only requirement is to trim equal bits off each side to make sure that pre-machined tray is preserved.

As it's one of our standard sizes, it is available off-the-shelf, so if you order it today before noon you will probably receive it tomorrow. Shipping confirmation will be sent just after it's in transit, with tracking details so you will be able to predict it's arrival on your own.

In case you need anything I will be happy to help.

Kind regards,


020 7193 0953

shower tray invisable can i remove drain cover for cleaning if it is not suitable can i return it

Dear Marion,

Showerlay Invisible drain grating can be removed even after installation is complete for cleaning purposes. After lifting the grate you will have access to siphon trap which can be simply opened and cleaned.

Regarding right for return - you can purchase the product and you have 30 days to send the product back in order to receive a full refund. Please notice that complete product needs to be returned, you cannot install the tray and return only the drain grate. Additionally, Invisible is the only drain type without exchangeable cover, you won't be able to swap it with different pattern.

If you have any other questions I will be happy to answer them.


020 7193 0953

Could you tell me the measurment from the top of the board to the drain channel on the (Showerlay Wiper 900 x 1200 mm Line Mistral)

Dear Simon,

As a standard, the distance from the upper shower tray edge to the upper drain edge is 150 mm and 192 mm from the top of the tray to the centre of the integrated channel.

Outlet is centred between both channel edges. You can view technical drawing on the product page of linear drain which is integrated with this tray: Linear drain Premium Mistral 600 mm.

We can create custom shower tray for you, with different drain position (even centred) but we would need approximately 3 business days to manufacture and it would also be more expensive. 

Please let me know if you need more details about this and I will be happy to assist.


020 7193 0953

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Do you have dealer in Oman. Also this Shower can it fir into 70mm screed. Also can we get option with bottom outlet.

Dear Customer,

We currently are present only in UK, however we are able to deliver it to any place in Europe and further, probably to Oman too. Depending on the product specification and the quantity required we can prepare a quote for you.

The total height of that linear drain is only 68 mm, so yes, it can be cast in 70 mm screed. There's no option to have vertical outlet, however we include an elbow to this drain which can be facing any side, for e.g. you can rotate it so it can be connected to the waste system of your property from below.

Please send us your query with product details and the quantity, your address and we will reply whether we can deliver it to your address and how much the delivery is.

David 020 7193 0953

I wish to have a good drain for a concrete floor how deep does this drain need to go for best use.thanks

Dear Customer,

Total height of this drain from the very bottom of the included siphon trap to the top edge of the frame is 88 mm. You need to cast it in concrete, so the stainless steel flange surrounding the drain is just above the concrete level. Concrete layer needs to be 73 mm thick or more.

If you have any questions I will be happy to help.

David 020 7193 0953

We are developers If we order 4 pcs of the  £ 135.33 linear 500mm drains, can you do a better price? Thanks

Dear Customer,

We do trade discounts either for returning customers or for bulk orders. Unfortunately first trade discount is available if cart is at least £720 we can grant you 3% discount voucher, for a single order above £1081 we can offer 7% discount and so on.

Additionally every single purchase you make is saved in your customer profile and after reaching threshold of £1080 you will be granted 3% permanent trade discount, next threshold is £1800.

You can read more about this here:


In general you can just contact us and we will be happy to give you personalised the quote for what you require.

I am happy to assist in case of any questions.

Peter 020 7193 5485

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Showerlay square
I note from your pictures that the corner drain on the shower formers is on the rleft side of the tray. Are these also available with the corner drain in the right. Thank you in anticipation. Regards David

Dear David,

Standard wet room trays in our offer have drain in left-hand side corner.

If you want to buy a tray with right-hand side corner, that would need to be a bespoke product.

The price for the tray of the same specification only with different drain position is £447.

If you're interested please let me know and I will provide details necessary to put an order through.

Kind regards

David 020 7193 0953

Underfloor Heating
Are your underfloor heating mats secondary or primary output?

The issue is not the underfloor heating, and more the insulation in the property. The mats are 150w/m2 (required for VDE approval) and is reliant on suitable insulation within the property. Insulation beneath the ufh, to ensure maximum heat goes into the room, and then insulation within the room, to ensure the heat remains in the room. In new properties, there is no issue, due to insulation standards being extremely high. In older properties, where insulation is lacking, is where we forsee an issue. If insulation is up to scratch, there should not be a problem. If the customer is concerned, or want to ensure a suitable output, a heat loss calculation must be carried out.

If you have any other questions I will forward them to the manufacturer and then reply to you.

David 020 7193 0953

Are these suitable for underfloor heating?


Yes, I can confirm that these trays are suitable with Underfloor heating.

They are based on good insulator - XPS - therefore your UFH should be installed on top of the tray, under the tiles. If it was installed under the tray, it would only have a very limited effect.

Please notice that there is a limited space from the shower tray surface to the upper grate edge. In case of this tray it is 20 mm you have to accomodate your underfloor heating, tile adhesive and tiles.

I am happy to assist if you have any questions.

Kind regards

David 020 7193 0953

I've just purchased a 3.5 m underfloor mat and found its too small, can I exchange for a 5 m mat and pay the extra

Dear Heather,

The best way to solve that would be to order a new UFH Mat here: MAGNUM® Underfloor Heating mat 5 m² 50 cm x 10 m, and send the mat that is too small to us:

Wetrooms Design Ltd
Unit 12C, Albion Drive, Thurnscoe
Rotherham, S63 0BA

we will refund its cost in full as soon as it's back with us.

Please notice that you can keep thermostat, but all the other parts need to be supplied back to us (we will supply them with a new mat as well).

Kind regards

David 020 7193 0953

Dear Sirs, we are intresting in 3 meters width waterproofing membrane? Is it possible to produce such? It would be regular 400-500 sq m orders per month. Thank you!


Those membranes are only available in 1 or 2 m widths. I can speak to the manufacturer if 3 m version can also be made, however it would be hard to transport and would be significantly more expensive.

Please let us know if 1 or 2 m versions are acceptable and we will prepare a special offer for you because of the wholesale nature of your request.

Kind regards

Adam S

017 0927 3601

can i fix Imperboard direct to a timber stud wall [ without ply shearthing ] and if so what centres are the studs best set at? thanks j

Dear Customer,

Yes you can fix to a timber stud wall. You can use 10 or 12mm: 10mm - 300mm centres, 12mm - 400mm centres.

I am happy to assist if you have any questions.

Kind regards

how long after manufacture can i use it. I've got 2 bags that i purchased from you last august 1 batch number 21/18. and 1 29/18. thanks

Dear Daniel,

Shelf life of the Nanofug Premium is 12 months, therefore as long as it's not been opened it can still be used within several months.

If the bags have been opened they are probably no longer usable and you will need to supply a new product.

I will be happy to assist if you have any questions.

Kind regards

David 020 7193 0953

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What shower tray thickness should I choose for my timber floor wet room? Do I also need tile backer boards to level up rest of the floor? Can I buy them in your store? Thanks

Dear Ryan,

There are 3 thicknesses available: 20, 28 and 35 mm and they state how thick shower tray is on the edges. They are much shallower near the drain, which is a result of having premachined diagonal slopes towards the drain.

Floor boards are usually 20 mm thick and to install the shower tray you need to remove them to expose the joists, create battons, fix them to the joists and then mount at least 18 mm thick marine ply between the joists. This will create solid even support for wet room kit, which requires to be underboarded beneath entire surface. 

By doing this, you will actually replace the floor board with tile backer board and this will allow to avoid total floor height increase.

Alternatively you can lay the shower tray straight on top of the floor boards but you will need to use tile backer boards to bring up rest of the floor height to the shower tray level.

You can find range of tile backer boards here.

Peter 020 7193 5485

Is it necessary use tanking kit to install this tray?

Dear Simon,

The Showerlay comes with already integrated and waterproofed 500 mm long stainless steel channel drain. Shower tray itself doesn't require additional waterproofing, however we always recommend to do this, especially for timber flooring. Floor/wall joints as well as the splash area should be protected against water and that's where the tanking kit comes really handy.

Waterproofing kit which can be included to this product, is very efficient, one kit covers 3.2 square metres, contains 4kg tanking liquid, 1l primer, 10m sealing tape, 2 corners and 2 pipe collars. It can be purchased for £59 each, while normal price is £99.

If you have any questions I will be happy to help.

Adam 017 0927 3601

What is delivery time for concealed shower tray?


Showerlay wet room kit former is available for next day delivery and same day dispatch if order is placed before 3 o'clock. Our courier, TNT delivers from 9am - 6pm. Tracking number with shipping confirmation is sent just after goods are in transit. There's no additional delivery cost.

If you have any questions I will be happy to help.

Peter 017 0927 3601

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