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Are your underfloor heating mats secondary or primary output?

The issue is not the underfloor heating, and more the insulation in the property. The mats are 150w/m2 (required for VDE approval) and is reliant on suitable insulation within the property. Insulation beneath the ufh, to ensure maximum heat goes into the room, and then insulation within the room, to ensure the heat remains in the room. In new properties, there is no issue, due to insulation standards being extremely high. In older properties, where insulation is lacking, is where we forsee an issue. If insulation is up to scratch, there should not be a problem. If the customer is concerned, or want to ensure a suitable output, a heat loss calculation must be carried out.

If you have any other questions I will forward them to the manufacturer and then reply to you.

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Hi there, I'm wanting to use underfloor heating as the main heat source in the room, and have been advised that I may need to increase to 200W per square metre. I notice all your mats are standard 150W. Also because it's an odd shaped room, I would . . .

Hi Tim,

We do not know any recommendation about the heating mat to be at least 200W per square metre. It depends on many factors like type of the building, insulation etc.

Our mats have been supplied many times for a primary heating source.

We do supply a cable, please have a look: https://wetroomsdesign.co.uk/magnum-underfloor-heating-cable-1941-m#/130,thermostat,not-include/137,spacer-strips,not-include

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Is the sunfloor electric heat Mat compatible with nest learning thermostat?


I can confirm that Sunfloor heating mat is compatible with more thermostats than just those of Sunfloor brand.

To confirm if it works with Nest thermostat, you would need to make sure that your specific thermostat is compatible with 150W/m2 electric heating mat.

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Are these suitable for underfloor heating?


Yes, I can confirm that these trays are suitable with Underfloor heating.

They are based on good insulator - XPS - therefore your UFH should be installed on top of the tray, under the tiles. If it was installed under the tray, it would only have a very limited effect.

Please notice that there is a limited space from the shower tray surface to the upper grate edge. In case of this tray it is 20 mm you have to accomodate your underfloor heating, tile adhesive and tiles.

I am happy to assist if you have any questions.

Kind regards

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I've just purchased a 3.5 m underfloor mat and found its too small, can I exchange for a 5 m mat and pay the extra

Dear Heather,

The best way to solve that would be to order a new UFH Mat here: MAGNUM® Underfloor Heating mat 5 m² 50 cm x 10 m, and send the mat that is too small to us:

Wetrooms Design Ltd
Unit 12C, Albion Drive, Thurnscoe
Rotherham, S63 0BA

we will refund its cost in full as soon as it's back with us.

Please notice that you can keep thermostat, but all the other parts need to be supplied back to us (we will supply them with a new mat as well).

Kind regards

David 020 7193 0953

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