Shower Screen 1000 mm

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Aqata SP400 Shower Screen 1000mm

Providing a secure water barrier and a sleek look, the SP400 shower screen has been designed with you in mind for years of luxurious showering. For privacy, a modesty panel can be added using our in-house glass etching service or an increased height screen using our renowned Made 2 Measure service can completely transform your bathroom space.
Wiper Shower Screens

Shower screen 1000 mm Wiper Verre Bright

£487.59 £541.77
This elegant shower screen, is perfect for a wet room with ample space. With a stylish wall support and sleek wall profile panel support that has an adjustable wall mounted profile for easy-installation to achieve the desired distance from the side wall. Our wet room glass panels are constructed using only the best quality materials. A contemporary and...
Wiper Shower Screens

Shower screen 1000 mm Wiper Verre Black

£533.40 £592.67
Outstanding design, high-quality workmanship and attention to every detail make Verre Wiper shower screens the perfect choice for any wet room upgrade. The Verre Wiper 1000 mm x 2000 mm is the ideal solution for people who are looking for a minimalist look with a modern finish. This mid-size shower screen appeals to both larger and smaller wet rooms...
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