Products listed in this category are designed to be installed in a shower drainage. We can guarante it would work for years without rust, rot or leaking if installed correctly. Distance from the stainless steel insulating flange to the top edge of drain varies from 15 mm (Wiper Premium range) to 12 mm (Premium Slim range). Standard tile thickness is about 10 mm, and that's the perfect situation, but the drain can still be succesfully installed even if tiles are much shallower. However if tiles are thicker than channel height, drain is not suitable to be installed with them. In that case we recommend to look at Invisible range that is also present on our site, Invisible drain type don't have any requirement of finish material height.

The most popular and the cheapest option here is Wiper Premium range. For the basic price that is visible on the product page you purchase linear drain channel, top cover suitable for it, siphon trap with pipe and Sealing membrane. 

You can also select few options, for eg add the tanking kit to your order, but this will change final order value. 

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