How it works

There are 2 ways to get an extra discount in our store:

    1. Have your total cart value reach threshold specified below to get one-time voucher on that specific cart without any account purchases record requirements.
    2. Have your overall account purchases reach threshold specified below to get permanent voucher on every cart without any cart value requirements.

Same thresholds apply for both type of discounts. No matter if you order with or without a discount, as long as it is not canceled or returned, it will be added to your account purchase record. You will be automatically notified by e-mail about your new permanent discount. Available cart discount will be displayed during checkout. Code will only be applicable if you match appropriate requirements.

Discounts can be combined with present product sales but not with other discount codes. There are no limits how many times discount can be used. If you earn permanent trade discount, you can use it on every order. 

Real life examples:

Mark is a tradesman, who does a job from time to time, has never ordered from us before and cannot order many at once. He orders 2 and gets 5% discount right away. He continues to buy, and after ordering 5 in total, he has 10% discount. After buying 7th tray his discount is 15%. He needs to buy only 9 more and his discount will be increased to 20%.

Harry has 2 wet rooms to do. He buys 2 trays and 2 shower screens with 10% cart discount. He later discovers he also needs to buy just a single waterproofing kit, which now he buys with his permanent 10% account discount.

Marry wants to convert her old bathroom into a barrier-free shower. It is only one time job. She adds wet room tray, waterproofing materials and shower screen, which makes her cart eligible for 10% discount.

John is a developer, building a hotel who wants to buy 100 trays and haven't ordered from us before. He gets 30% immediately for that order and after order is completed, he has permanent 30% without any quantity requirement.

Emily owns a showroom. She can afford to invest in 20 trays. Her discount for first order is 20% immediately. Now she can refill the stock, ordering few per month, all of them with 20% discount. 3 months pass and she can buy with 25% discount. After a year her discount is 30%.

Discount thresholds & vouchers


Cart value / total purchases threshold

Cart voucher code

Trade voucher code


£ 500,00




£ 1000,00




£ 2.000,00




£ 5.000,00




£ 10.000,00




£ 25.000,00



If your cart value exceed 25,000 £ or have any questions, please contact our customer service! We will prepare your individual offer.

Trade policy terms and conditions

In order to meet our customers expectations, we have created a simple and transparent discount policy in our store. By buying from Wetrooms Design you can get very attractive discounts, the amount of which is based on the size of your order or on the total turnover of your all orders. We want to offer attractive discounts for both companies and ordinary customers.

If your total cart value passes required threshold specified below, you will be able to apply appropriate voucher during checkout. The total gross price of your order will be automatically reduced by the appropriate percentage. Please note that the codes only work and are applicable for the goods value range specified below. It works for both new and regular customers. Ordering with cart discount brings you closer to receiving a permanent trade discount.

Same ranges apply to trade discounts for regular customers. If your total purchases passed required threshold, you can use a permanent trade discount without any quantity requirement. To check your trade discount, go to My account page.

  1. Policy is valid while you can see it on our website. There is no planned end date.
  2. We reserve the right to change the trade policy and these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.
  3. Only valid orders are counted. Orders with status 'Refund', 'Canceled' or similar will be excluded.
  4. Trade discount policy is only valid for Customer accounts. Guest accounts are excluded.
  5. Discounts are only applicable to the new orders. If you ordered without discount while you were eligible, you cannot receive it.
  6. If we notice someone trying to bypass the rules, we will permanently exclude that person from the policy.
  7. Trade and bulk orders discounts can be combined with current product discounts shown on our website. 
  8. Trade discounts cannot be combined with each other.
  9. Appropriate discount voucher will be shown automatically during checkout. 
  10. Threshold is calculated by adding values of all orders discounted and tax included. It is the customer's responsibility to use the code. Discount codes are not applied automatically.
  11. Our regular terms and conditions apply.
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