Wet room kit vs linear drains

Comparison in which situation is better to choose wet room kit and when linear drain is more profitable to buy.

Wet Room Kits Available In Our Offer Are Pre - Machined XPS Foam Based, Reinforced With Fibre Glass Mesh And Cemental Glue...

Wet room kits available in our offer are pre-machined XPS foam based, reinforced with fibre glass mesh and cemental glue, which gives them flexibility and strength. Elasticity allows the tray and tiles not break when your house micromovements occur. Strength allow the shower to bear significant weight.

Linear Drains In Our Store Are Always Made Of Stainless Steel And Have All Suitable Parts Always Included. We Have Large R...

Linear drains in our store are always made of stainless steel and have all suitable parts always included. We have large range of products making it suitable for almost every type floor and finish material.

Wet room kit advantages:

  • There is preformed 2% fall towards the drain which makes installation a lot quicker.
  • Stainless steel channel drain is integrated with the tray and already waterproof.
  • Pre-machined slope and drainage integration save a lot of time and effort.
  • Board provides great acoustic insulation, which eliminates sound of dropping water below upstairs shower.
  • XPS base makes wet room kit immune to house micro vibrations, thanks to it's sponginess.
  • Cemental and fibre-glass mesh reinforcement make it very strong which protects grouting from cracking.
  • Showerlay surface is covered on both sides with PCI Pericem glue making it's connection to tile fixing adhesive excellent.
  • Provides some heating insulation, while it's still easy to use with under floor heating systems.
  • Suitable both for concrete screeded floor and timber joisted floor.
  • Designed to be installed in tiled floor, can be covered with many types of materials (mosaic, stone, gres).

Linear drain advantages:

  • Usually linear drains are cheaper but require more time and effort to install.
  • Proper slope needs to be prepared by the builder, but can be positioned anywhere giving more flexibility.
  • Various drain heights, from 64mm to 98mm allow to suit to many situations in any shower.
  • Multiple channel lengths provide you with an option to have the tiles cut at preferred angle.
  • There's possibility to install few drains one next to another which increases siphon trap quantity, improving total flow rate greatly.
  • Option to choose drain length, let you adjust it to even very large tiles, removing necessity to cut them.
  • Variety of surface finishes allow you to match drain grate to other shower appliances.
  • By dint of different channel widths, there's possibility to design modern, luxury wet room.
  • Large range of drain types make it suitable for almost all floor types and finish materials (tiles, vinyl, mosaic, stone, gres).
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