Waterproofing Guideline - Step 1 Preparation

1. Once the drain or shower tray is installed and you are ready to proceed to waterproofing, prepare the working area. Remove garbage and make sure you have sufficient space for comfortable work. Clean the floor and walls from dust and debris. Prepare materials and tools necessary to complete the work. 

Waterproofing Guideline - Step 2 Priming

2. Primer creates a smooth base that improves the adhesion and more uniform distribution. Apply primer using a brush around the edges, corners and any other obstacles. Then fill in the rest using a roller. Allow the compound to dry. 

Waterproofing Guideline - Step 3 Sealing tapes

3. Measure and cut the waterproofing tape to size. Apply the tapes, corners and other parts made of sealing membrane. The tape should be applied frst, then corners. Tanking liquid can be used as adhesive for them.

Waterproofing Guideline - Step 4 Painting with liquid foil

4. The area that will need to be covered with tanking paint is shower tray plus 500 mm on the foor. Entire walls in such area need to be waterproofed as well. It should overlap the pinholes and all the membranes applied. Depending on the conditions, the compound should be ready for the second coat in about 1 hour.

Waterproofing Guideline - Step 5 Painting second layer

5. The second coat should cover the same area that the frst layer was applied to. Allow the second layer to dry, which should take about 1 – 2 hours, before proceeding to the next step.

Waterproofing Guideline - Step 6 Finishing with tiles

6. Proceed to floor fnish material application. Full bed of adhesive must be applied with appropriate notched trowel when tiling in a wet room. Quality fexibile tile fixing adhesive should be used. After tiles are in place, proceed to grouting.

Benefits of waterproofing

  1. Prevents moisture and moult from getting into the walls and floor. Protects the structural integrity of those and prevents water from doing damage.
  2. Increases property longevity and value. Properly waterproofed wet room means no water problems. Good selling point. 
  3. Reduces the cost and time of maintenance. Waterproofed structures, mean less cleaning to do, since there is no damp and mould to clean.
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