Bespoke Linear Drain

How to order your bespoke product?

You can contact us via email or phone about your bespoke enquiry/request. Based on your request, we will provide a quote. 

A bespoke linear drain is very simple to order. We will just need the model of drain you need (Premium, Invisible or Wall Upstand for example). Then we will need to establish the number and position of the outlets required. Finally, you just need to tell us which style of drain cover you would like with your drain (Pure, Ponente, Mistral etc).

As with all orders we send our default waste trap (HC26) or you can choose an alternative from our selection of waste traps.

You can call or email us today to discuss the multiple options available and the fine details required for your linear drain.

For Example:

  • Model of the drain
  • Grill cover
  • Length of the drain
  • Additionals
  • Outlet position
  • Multiple outlets
  • Color of the drain
  • Waste trap
  • Premium
  • Pure (tileable)
  • 775 mm
  • 200 mm from left edge of the drain
  • No
  • Brass
  • HC26

Billing and confirmation of your order.

Discounts are not applicable to any bespoke orders.

A pro forma invoice can be sent via email on request and we will send a technical drawing for your confirmation before production can be started.

Any changes to a current bespoke request will need a new quote generating and a technical drawing sent for your confirmation.

Payment by card or bank wire transfer is accepted. Once paid, your order will be processed.


Your order will take *¹5-10 business days for production.

Once production starts, it can not be cancelled and is nonrefundable.

In some cases, depending on the production stage, *²alterations can be requested, but additional fees will apply.


When production is complete, the order will be dispatched on the first business day.

After dispatch, orders average *³4-5 business days for delivery, bar any delays with courier or customs checks.

Orders can be expedited with express next day delivery. An *⁴express shipping fee will be applied.

(Add to back office store a late stage express delivery order option, so we can invoice customer?)

Orders delivered in a damaged state must be signed for upon receipt as 'damaged'. Your bespoke order will be produced again and can/will be sent by express delivery free of charge.

*¹ In some instances, production can exceed this time, due to unforseen circumstances.

*² Contact us immediately via phone or email. Depending on the day and time you contact us, our team will respond to any email call or voicemail left immediately or if outside of business hours, as soon as possible and we will do our best to help you change your order if possible.

*³ This is an estimate based on the average number of deliveries sent. We can not be held responsible for any delays in shipping, but will do our best to assist if any issues arise.

*⁴ This fee is nonrefundable. Whilst this service offers next day delivery, there are instances where possible delays can occur due to unforseen circumstances.

We can not be held responsible for any delays in shipping, but will do our best to assist if any issues arise.

Use our custom order configurator and order a bespoke product perfect for your bathroom.

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