• Multi-use flexible joint grout especially for fully vitrified tiles and vitrified tiles. Flexible, fast setting, cementitous mortar for grouting ceramic floor or wall finishing materials and for glass floors and walls exposed to heavy mechanical load stresses caused by changes of temperature. Destinated for balconies, terraces and facades, for stone...

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  • PCI Nanolight 15kg is a universal highly flexible tile adhesive for all kind of ground and ceramic or glass finish materials. Besides bathroom, it can be used on balconies, terraces, facades and swimming pools as well. Also PCI Nanolight can be used as leveller by filling mineral substrate in range 1-15mm.The biggest advantage of PCI Nanolight is its...

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  • PCI Silcofug ® E 310 ml is an elastic joint sealant based on acetic acid for flexible jointing of ceramic and glass materials. Also to filling joints between those substates and other building elements. To use indoor and outdoor application, starting at walls and floor in bathroom, ending with swimming pools.PCI Silcofug E biggest advantage is its...

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  • The tanking kit is used in rooms exposed to moisture, in order to water-insulate the surfaces on which ceramic plates will be laid. It is recommended in spaces requiring high-level waterproof protection due to increased moisture (e.g. in showers, bathrooms, toilets, laundries, kitchens etc.). Water insulation may be used on any type of surface:...

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Grout and Tile Adhesive | Tiling Materials | Wetrooms DesignGrout and adhesives offered by us. Need to tile a wall, replace tile adhesive grout, or lay a new floor. We have a range of quality tile adhesives and grouts in different colours and sizes to meet your needs. 

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