Flexible Tile Adhesive PCI Nanolight® 15 Kg
Flexible Tile Adhesive PCI Nanolight® 15 Kg
Flexible Tile Adhesive PCI Nanolight® 15 Kg
Flexible Tile Adhesive PCI Nanolight® 15 Kg
Flexible Tile Adhesive PCI Nanolight® 15 Kg
Flexible tile adhesive PCI Nanolight® 15 kg
Flexible tile adhesive PCI Nanolight® 15 kg
Flexible tile adhesive PCI Nanolight® 15 kg

Flexible tile adhesive PCI Nanolight® 15 kg

See parts included Technical specification

PCI Nanolight 15kg is a universal highly flexible tile adhesive for all kind of ground and ceramic or glass finish materials. Besides bathroom, it can be used on balconies, terraces, facades and swimming pools as well. Also PCI Nanolight can be used as leveller by filling mineral substrate in range 1-15mm.

The biggest advantage of PCI Nanolight is its bond strength and curing time - tiles are walkable after approx. 8 hours. After application, tiles can be laid up to 90 minutes. Also, PCI Nanolight can be used to repair and level irregular wall and floor surfaces before laying tiles.

PCI Nanolight 15kg will cover, depend on used notch size, from 16,6m² (4mm notch) to 7.1m² (10mm notch). Product requires about 8 litres of gauging water for 15kg bag. Consumption persists at approx. 0.8 kg of dry powder/m² and 1 mm adhesive bed thickness.

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Features and benefits:

  • With unique light filler combination and nanotechnology.
  • High yield due to the use of special additives and a unique filler combination.
  • Plastic and workable mortar to be easily applied by trowel.
  • Low shrinkage during the curing phase, mortar can be applied in a thin bed or medium bed up to a thickness of 15 mm. Non sag properties, therefore easy and quick application.
  • Flexible, compensates elongations of the substrate caused by variations in temperature.
  • Dust reduced, less development of dust when opening the bag, pouring and mixing the product.
  • Very low emission, GEV EMICODE EC1 R.
  • Low in chromates.
  • Meets the requirements of - the guideline "Flexible mortar" issued by Deutsche Bauchemie e. V. (German Construction Chemicals Industry) - C2 TE S1 to DIN EN 12004 - the test principles to issue an official test certificate for bonded waterproofing in combination with PCI bonded waterproofing such as PCI Lastogum, PCI Seccoral 1K, PCI Seccoral 2K Rapid, PCI Apoflex F/W and PCI Pecilastic W. All test certificates are available under www.pci-augsburg.de.

Fields of application:

  • For indoor and outdoor use.
  • For walls and floors.
  • For all substrates: cement screeds, rough-ground anhydrite screeds, gypsum based floated screeds, concrete, precast concrete elements, aerated concrete, heated screeds, plasterboards, gypsum fibre boards, dry screeds, magnesite screeds, mastic asphalt (only indoors), insulation boards, gypsum blocks, plaster, render, gauged render, brickwork, old ceramic coverings and even, structurally sound wooden substrates such as wooden particle boards, OSB boards etc., metal substrates (only indoors), firmly adhering PVC coverings.
  • For all ceramic coverings laid in a thin bed or medium bed: nonvitrified tiles, vitrified tiles, fully vitrified tiles, porcelain mosaic, glass mosaic, glass tiles, brick tiles and terracotta.
  • To lay tiles and flagstones on the supporting elements PCI Pecidur made of high-resistance foam, on the impact sound insulation and isolation board PCI Polysilent as well as the isolating fabric underlay PCI Pecilastic.
  • To lay tiles and flagstones on the bonded waterproofing PCI Lastogum (e.g. private bathrooms), PCI Seccoral (e.g. swimming pool and terraces) or PCI Apoflex (e.g. canteen kitchens).
  • To repair and level irregular wall surfaces and floor surfaces (e.g. brickwork, render, screed) before laying tiles.
Material base
dry mortar mix with a special filler combination
Packaging size
15 kg PE lined heavy-duty paper bag stock no. 3773/3
Shelf life
min. approx. 12 months
approx. 0.8 kg of dry powder/m² and mm adhesive bed thickness
Working temperature
+5 °C to +25°C
in dry conditions, no permanent storage over +30°C, but not below -10°C. Frozen PCI Gisogrund should be slowly thawn and stirred thoroughly.
Gauging water for 1 kg powder
approx. 600 ml
Slake time
approx. 3 minutes
Working time
approx. 90 minutes
Open time
approx. 30 minutes
Walkable after
approx. 8 hours
Groutable after
approx. 8 hours
Able to bear weight after
approx. 24 hours
Temperature resistance
-30°C to +80°C
Consumption (dry mortar) per m² & coverage 4 mm notch
0.9 kg • 16.6 m²
Consumption (dry mortar) per m² & coverage 6 mm notch
1.3 kg • 11.5 m²
Consumption (dry mortar) per m² & coverage 8 mm notch
1.8 kg • 8.3 m²
Consumption (dry mortar) per m² & coverage 10 mm notch
2.1 kg • 7.1 m²
Gauging water for 15 kg bag
approx. 9 litres

Preparation of substrate

Minimum age of the substrate: - PCI Novoment M1 plus and/or PCI Novoment Z1 screed: 24 hours - PCI Novoment M3 plus and/or PCI Novoment Z3 screed: 3 days - Cement screed: 28 days - Concrete: 3 months The substrate must be structurally sound, clean and able to bear weight. Oil stains, residues which could impair adhesion and other spills must be thoroughly removed. The substrate must be plumb and flush in accordance with DIN 18 202 for the installation of ceramic tiles and flagstones. For the installation outdoors the substrate must have a slope of min. 1.5%. Plaster/render substrates must be released by the manufacturer for tiling and must be suitable for the intended purpose. Level small-surface irregular substrates with PCI Nanolight (up to 15 mm) or large surfaces alternatively with PCI Polycret 5/20, PCI Pericret, PCI Periplan or PCI Periplan Fein before tiling. Level timber floorboards with PCI Periplan Extra before the installation. Screeds on isolation layers or insulation layers tend to deform due to nonuniform dehydration (concave arching). To avoid excessive lowering of the edge at a later stage please contact the PCI Technical help-line prior to levelling or tiling. Prime very absorbent cement based substrates and aerated concrete with PCI Gisogrund, diluted 1 : 1 with water. Prime rough-ground anhydrite screeds, gypsum based flowable screeds, gypsum based substrates and mastic asphalt screeds in the interior with undiluted PCI Gisogrund. Prime magnesite screeds with PCI Gisogrund 404, diluted 1 : 1 with water. Prime cementitious substrates and gypsum-based substrates with PCI Gisogrund Rapid if time is a factor. Prime old ceramic tiles with PCI Gisogrund 303. Old PVC coverings must firmly bond to the substrate, any contamination such as grease etc. must be removed and the bond area sanded and primed with PCI Gisogrund 303. Metallic substrates in the interior such as steel and aluminium which are not exposed to moisture must be well supported to provide resistance to bending and oscillations. The substrate must be free from rust and grease. Prime metal with PCI Gisogrund 303. Wooden particle boards or OSB boards may have a moisture content of max. 10%. The wooden particle board (V100) or OSB board must be at least 25 mm thick when installed on floors and at least 19 mm when installed on walls. The particle boards must be screwed to the substructure at a distance between screws of max. 40 cm. The edge joint must be at least 8 mm wide. The butt joints of the particle boards must be glued. Prime wooden particle boards and OSB boards in dry areas with PCI Gisogrund 303, when exposed to moisture with PCI Wadian, and waterproof with PCI Lastogum. Allow primers to dry. Newly-laid cement screeds (heated and unheated) must not have a residual moisture content of more than 4%, anhydrite screeds and gypsum based screeds not more than 0.5% (measured with a CM meter).

Application procedure

  1. Apply undiluted PCI Lastogum by roller (lambskin roller), brush (wall brush, float), or trowel to the substrate covering the entire surface. A minimum of two layers is required.
  2. Place PCI Pecitape 10 x 10 and/or PCI Pecitape 42.5 x 42.5 over pipe culverts and floor drains, in corner joints and floor/wall junctions press PCI Pecitape 120 into the first layer of PCI Lastogum. Projecting edges of the fabric are covered by the second layer.
  3. Any further layer is applied when the first layer is dry. We recommend to apply the first layer with PCI Lastogum grey and the following layer(s) with PCI Lastogum white for better coverage control. The applied layer is too thin if the previous colour is visible; this should be avoided.
  4. When PCI Lastogum has cured, tiles and flagstones can be laid on vertical and horizontal areas using PCI Nanolight, PCI Flexmörtel or PCI Flexmörtel-Schnell. Calibrated natural stone should be laid using the adhesives for natural stone PCI Carraflex and/or PCI Carralight

Please note:

  • Do not apply at temperatures below +5 °C and above +25°C and under extreme hot and windy conditions.
  • When laying tiles in the interior on existing ceramic wall tiles not subject to wet conditions it is possible to use PCI Nanolight as a bonding slurry instead of the primer PCI Gisogrund 303; however the PCI Nanolight layer must have cured before tiling.
  • Apply the special bonding slurry PCI Polyhaft and allow to cure when laying tiles on old ceramic or natural stone coverings in the exterior or when being exposed to permanently wet conditions (e.g. shower facilities etc.).
  • When laying tiles on heated screeds, the regulation DIN 4725-4 and the ZDB leaflet „Ceramic tiles and flagstones, natural stones and concrete ashlar on heated, cementbased flooring constructions” must be followed.
  • The open time is reduced in case of absorbent substrates (recommendation: priming with PCI Gisogrund or PCI Gisogrund Rapid).
  • Never add water or dry powder to reconstitute a PCI Nanolight mix which has already begun to set.
  • When laying floor coverings in the exterior use either PCI Nanolight in the combined method (buttering/floating) or the flowable mortar PCI Nanoflott light and/or PCI Rapidflott.
  • When using PCI Nanolight to lay ceramic tiles in swimming pools a curing time of minimum 7 days must be followed before filling the pool with water.
  • When laying glass mosaic in swimming pools only front-sided paper-faced glass mosaic or frontsided foil-faced glass mosaic is allowed to be used.
  • Translucent glass mosaic appears darker when laying it with PCI Nanolight. If this is not desired please use PCI Nanolight White or PCI Durapox NT/NT Plus for wet areas.
  • Glass tiles with a reaction resin coating on the bottom side may only be laid with PCI Nanolight if the coating is alkali resistant.
  • When laying mosaic tiles it is necessary to rake joints clean to a uniform depth to ensure proper, stainfree grouting afterwards. This also applies to front-sided paperfaced mosaic.
  • Please follow the standard DIN 18 515-1 „Outer claddings” when laying tiles on facades.
  • Suitable tools are available from Collomix GmbH, Horchstraße 2, 85080 Gaimersheim/Germany, www.collomix.de.
  • Clean contaminated tools and ceramic with water immediately after use; once cured product can only be removed by mechanical scraping.
  • The adhesives PCI Carralight, PCI Carraflex, PCI Carraflott NT or PCI Carrament are to be used for natural stone.
  • Store in dry conditions, no permanent storage over +30 °C. Open bags must be closed immediately after use.
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Hi, can you please tell me if I order today when can it be delivered to Kent Paul

Dear Paul,

This product is available off-the-shelf, so if you order it before 3 o'clock it will be shipped same day with next day delivery.

I am happy to help if you have any other questions.

Kind regards


020 7193 0953

Are you able to ship to Australia? What would the cost be? Thanks


How many of them would you like to buy? Would this ba an order for a single product or do you want to order more of them, a pallet for example?

I think shipping is possible, what's the price and time acceptable for you that's the question.

Kind regards

David 020 7193 0953

hi do you do delivery to Perth Western Australia 6110 and if so how much. Thanks


How many of them would you like to buy? When do you need this shower tray? This is a new product in our store and we do not have it in stock yet, so the delivery of this product takes longer because it is produced only after placing the order. Production and delivery can take up to 25 days.

Please, let us know how many of them you require and we will prepare a delivery quote.

Kind regards

Agnes D.
Customer service

What are your office opening hours ?Are you open on an Saturday please ?


We are not working during weekends, sometimes we do reply to emails and phone calls.

You can visit our Rotherham warehouse from Monday to Friday, 9am - 6 pm.

Let me know if you have any questions about our products or service.

Kind regards

Adam 017 0927 3601

Do you sell the tanking liquid separately?


Yes, tanking liquid is available separately, however it's less cost efficient. Waterproofing kit is available at comparable price and contains materials that you will probably need to use anyway.

There's special category in our store: Tanking liquid.

I am happy to assist if you have any further questions.

Kin regards

David 020 7193 0953

If I order the item now. When will it come?

Hi Andrea,

It's too late for us to ship it today, but if you ordered it now we would ship it tomorrow with next day delivery.

Orders placed before 3 o'clock are shipped same day. After 3 o'clock on the next business day.

Kind regards

David 020 7193 0953

how long after manufacture can i use it. I've got 2 bags that i purchased from you last august 1 batch number 21/18. and 1 29/18. thanks

Dear Daniel,

Shelf life of the Nanofug Premium is 12 months, therefore as long as it's not been opened it can still be used within several months.

If the bags have been opened they are probably no longer usable and you will need to supply a new product.

I will be happy to assist if you have any questions.

Kind regards

David 020 7193 0953

We have the wiper tanking kit and have the instructions for the liquid and primer but nothing that says how the sealing tape/membrane is applied to this layer ? Ie: do we need to let it tac or does it go straight onto the tanking liquid ?Any advise ...

Dear Tracey,

Sealing membrane should be applied after applying first layer of tanking liquid. It works as a great adhesive to stick sealing membrane. If the first layer is already dry, you can use tile adhesive which also works well.

Everything should be covered with another tanking liquid layer afterwards.

Kind regards

David M 020 7193 0953

How do I determine the size of waterproofing kit I might need?

Dear Sean,

Joints between the tray and rest of the floor and the walls is the most important part that needs to be sealed off 3 m2˛ of waterproofing kit is enough for that, should also last to cover the tray itself with it as well with 2 coats.

If you wanted to waterproof more space, maybe even entire floor, then you should go for 6 m2˛.

I will be happy to help if you have any questions.

Kind regards

David 020 7193 0953

If I ordered 5L of PCI Gisogrund before 12.00 midday today what is the best delivery time you can provid to NP20 5AH

Dear Ken,

You can place the order before 3 o'clock to have it shipped same day.

The best what we could do is tomorrow before 9 am, but there would be additional £20 delivery fee.

We could also send it for £10 with before noon delivery.

Lastly for free for just tomorrow delivery.

Same applies for packaging of 10l. Please call me to arrange the order.

I will be happy to assist if you have any questions.

Kind regards

David 020 7193 0953

i had buy this iteam and how to see the shelf life


Thank you for being interested in our products.

I can confirm that the shelf life of the PCI Nanolight tile adhesive is min. approx. 12 months.

Let me know please if you have any further questions.

Kind regards

David 0800 368 9956 

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