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Our goal is to provide innovative, high quality products in complete kits so they require as little effort as possible with fitting and using. We listen. We learn. We create. We do our best to help at Wetrooms Design.

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Who we are?

Wetrooms Design was founded in 2014. We are an online store and group of people that is focused on delivering right products to the right people. Everything we sell - from drains and shower trays to construction chemicals - is made with one goal in mind: to help our customers build their dream wet room with as little effort as possible. Goods are usually combined into a kit - with everything you need in one place, we make sure that they fit and work perfectly together.

Where we are located?

Service is very important for us too. Delivery times are being as low as possible thanks to our main warehouse, currently placed in Rotherham, is steadily growing, with number of products stored there constantly increasing. Thanks to great feedback we are receiving from our Customers, we are constantly working on adding new products to our offer. Being in close relationship with the manufacturers, we help design and develop goods the market demands.

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Growing together

Having said that, we are also able and ready to cooperate with contractors in large projects, like suppling hotels, schools or hostpitals with proper equipement. Plumbers, tilers, fitters are people with are happy to work together with in a way that profits us both. Loyal customers and wholesale orders are eligible to receive significant discounts from prices in our store.

Bespoke Solutions Tailored to Your Space

Every space is unique, and at Wetrooms Design, we celebrate that individuality. If our standard sizes don't fit your vision, don't fret! We offer the ability to create made-to-size products, ensuring your wet room fits your specifications to the tee. Dive into our bespoke range, and imagine the possibilities of customizing your space down to the last detail.

Experienced Customer Support You Can Trust

At Wetrooms Design, we pride ourselves on our dedicated Customer Support team, bringing over a decade of experience in the shower and wet room area. With every interaction, our goal is to offer insightful advice, prompt solutions, and a friendly approach that reflects our deep expertise. Whether you're looking for guidance on product choices or need assistance with installation, our seasoned professionals are just a call or message away, ensuring you receive top-tier service every time.

Direct Supplier Relationships for Your Peace of Mind

Understanding that every customer's need is unique, we maintain a direct relationship with our suppliers. This ensures that whether you have special requests, need detailed product information, or face any issues, we can swiftly liaise with our suppliers to get you the information or resolution you require. This direct bridge not only guarantees the quality of the products but also enables a seamless shopping experience, tailored to your needs.

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Our Dedicated Warehouse: Where Precision Meets Promptness

At the heart of our operations lies our dedicated warehouse. Stocked with a vast array of products, we take pride in the fact that 90% of our popular items are dispatched on the very day you place your order, ensuring next-day delivery. This efficient system means you don't have to wait to start on your dream wet room project. Every product you see in our warehouse has been meticulously selected and stored, ready to be a part of your next renovation venture.


Unit 5 Stadium Court, Parkgate,
S62 6EW, Rotherham

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