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Invisible Frame Linear Shower Trays are the modern wet room solution, designed to give you a seamless and beautiful showering experience. The linear drain system of this trays allows the drain cover to be recessed into the floor so the frame is invisible. This gives a continuous, smooth surface for any shower area.

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Wet Room Shower Trays

Showerlay Wiper 1000 x 1000 mm Line Invisible

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Wet room Kit Showerlay Wiper 1000 x 1000 mm Line Invisible is a walk in shower tray with end linear drain. Board can be 20, 30 or 40 mm thick, is sloped towards the drain, provides great acoustic insulation and is also lightweight while very strong. It is suitable both for concrete and timber floors. Shower area should be covered entirely, including drain...
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Key Features

  • Invisible Frame Design: The hallmark of these shower trays is the invisible frame linear drain. Unlike traditional shower trays, where the drain frame is visibly embedded into the floor, these trays allow the floor tile to seamlessly extend over the drain cover, hiding the edges and blending it perfectly with the rest of the floor. This results in a minimalist and uninterrupted floor appearance.
  • Adjustable Height: The advanced linear drain system can accommodate floor finishes of varying thicknesses, from 8 mm to 50 mm. This adjustable feature ensures compatibility with different tile sizes and materials, including the integration of underfloor heating systems.
  • Variety of Sizes and Finishes: Available in multiple sizes and customizable options, these trays cater to various design preferences and bathroom layouts. The drain cover comes in multiple finishes, including polished, brushed, or matt, and colours like brass, black, gold, and silver, allowing for coordination with other bathroom fixtures. Can't find your size? Use our bespoke configurator.
  • Superior Drainage System: Equipped with a double drainage system, these trays are designed to handle water that may seep beneath tiles, ensuring efficient drainage and preventing water damage. This system guarantees longevity and reliability in wet room installations.
  • High Acoustic and Thermal Insulation: Constructed with lightweight yet durable materials, these trays offer excellent acoustic and thermal insulation properties. They are reinforced with XPS foam and a flexible cement coating, providing robust support while maintaining easy handling and installation.
  • Easy Installation and Customization: Designed for straightforward installation, the trays can be trimmed on-site to fit specific spaces and configurations. This flexibility makes them suitable for both wooden and concrete floor applications, ensuring they meet the unique demands of any project.


Invisible Frame Linear Shower Trays are ideal for contemporary wet rooms and luxury bathrooms where aesthetics and functionality are paramount. They are perfect for those seeking a clean and cohesive floor design without visible interruptions from traditional drain frames. These trays are also an excellent choice for high-end residential projects and commercial spaces like hotels and spas that prioritize a polished and modern appearance.

See the detailed Wet Room Shower Tray Concrete Floor Installation Instructions or timber floor fitting guide.

Additional Information

  • Material Composition: Made from reinforced XPS foam with a fiberglass mesh and flexible cement coating.
  • Compatible withElectric underfloor heating systems and a wide range of tile types, including small mosaic tiles.
  • Installation Tips: Ensure proper under-boarding on wooden floors and consider the total build-up height when selecting the tray.

Elevate your bathroom design with Invisible Frame Linear Shower Trays, combining cutting-edge drainage technology with refined aesthetic appeal.

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