Is it necessary use tanking kit to install this tray?

Dear Simon,

The Showerlay comes with already integrated and waterproofed 500 mm long stainless steel channel drain. Shower tray itself doesn't require additional waterproofing, however we always recommend to do this, especially for timber flooring. Floor/wall joints as well as the splash area should be protected against water and that's where the tanking kit comes really handy.

Waterproofing kit which can be included to this product, is very efficient, one kit covers 3.2 square metres, contains 4kg tanking liquid, 1l primer, 10m sealing tape, 2 corners and 2 pipe collars. It can be purchased for £59 each, while normal price is £99.

If you have any questions I will be happy to help.

Adam 017 0927 3601

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