6 Benefits Of Underfloor Heating

Every morning entering the bathroom we would like to feel the pleasure of treading on the warm floor. If we have not yet fulfilled the dreams of a comfortable and modern bathroom with a floor heating system, we present the advantages provided by users of such solutions. Maybe floor heating and for you will be the best solutions when finishing the interior of your home.

At the beginning, I would like to remind you that floor heating is mainly used in residential areas, and rarely meet it in other facilities, such as warehouse, school gyms, churches or industrial rooms. This is even strange, because the underfloor heating guarantees us even temperature distribution during heating, which is close to the ideal heat distribution, so why do not we use them?

1. Going to the advantages, as you have already read above, the first of them is the favorable temperature distribution in the rooms – the coldest air is on the ceiling, the apposite is case with radiators, where it is coldest at the feet, and the warmest air accumulates under the ceiling.

2. It is a very good solution for high rooms – radiator heating causes the air to rise up along the walls, which generates heat losses. On the other hand, underfloor heating provides a constant and comfortable temperature from the floor to the head over the entire interior.

3. It is more hygienic – the perfect solution for allergy sufferers and asthmatics. It does not spread dust, like traditional radiators. Radiators are devices arranged in points. In order for them to heat the room, they should be heated to a high temperature. This forces air circulation in the room and thus constant and dynamic movement of dust and mites harmful to health. It is the mites that cause all kinds of allergies, and the dust that is burned on hot radiators is an ideal environment for their development.

4. Heats more efficiently – floor heating generates most of the heat by radiation. It means that it heats not only the air in the room, but also everything that is in it, for example walls. As a result, the noticeable temperature is higher than in reality.

5. Invisible heating - radiators do not occupy space on the walls, nor mix in the interior design, so there is more freedom in the arrangement.

6. It does not require handling - the ability to use a weather regulator and automation makes the installation self-regulating.

Underfloor heating is not only for interior heating. This type of heating is successfully used as an anti-icing system at exits to garages, stairs and sidewalks. It is worth knowing that there is such a thing and use it to avoid, for example, driving a car into a garage gate from a steep descent or slipping on the steps.

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