Showerlay Wiper 800 X 1500 Mm Elite PVD Ponente Gold
Technical Drawing
Quality Finished Gold Trim And Elegant Ponente Cover
Integrated Gold Linear Drain With Matching Ponente Cover
Sealed And Waterproofed Gold Linear Drain
500 Mm Gold Linear Drain With Ponente Cover
Secondary Drainage System
500 Mm Gold Adjustable Frame
Central Outlet For Drainage
Example Of A Finished Wet Room With The Showerlay Elite PVD Gold Installed
Modern Minimalist Wet Room With Showerlay Elite PVD Gold, Showing Installation Layers
Showerlay Wiper 800 X 1500 Mm Elite PVD Ponente Gold
Technical Drawing
Quality finished Gold trim and elegant Ponente cover
Integrated Gold linear drain with matching Ponente cover
Sealed and waterproofed Gold linear drain
500 mm Gold linear drain with Ponente cover
Secondary drainage system
500 mm Gold adjustable frame
Central outlet for drainage
Example of a finished wet room with the Showerlay Elite PVD Gold Installed
Modern Minimalist Wet Room with Showerlay Elite PVD Gold, showing installation layers

Showerlay Wiper 800 x 1500 mm Elite PVD Ponente Gold

Wet Room Tray Kit 80 x 150 cm for tiled floor with integrated Gold Linear Shower Drain in polished, brushed or matt finish, including waste trap and plain steel pattern drain cover Ponente

See parts included Technical specification Bespoke Wet Room Trays

The wet room Kit Showerlay Wiper 800 x 1500 Elite Ponente Gold is a walk in shower tray with a linear drain. Designed to be suitable for various thicknesses of tile finishes and gives your wet room a stylish elegant look. This tray comes in multiple sizes, three different thicknesses, and can be trimmed to size if needed.

This tray has amazing acoustic and insulation properties, whilst being lightweight and also very strong. Depending on the size of the tray means you can have an estimated 1%-2% gradient fall. The advanced grating in this tray comes in four different colours and has seven different grating options. A selection of three waste traps are also available with this tray, each with different dimensions and flow rate capacity.

The integrated advanced 500 mm Elite Ponente Gold linear drain system for this tray is unique because it has a secondary drainage channel, meaning if any water were to pass under the tiles, this drain is capable of collecting it. It also allows this integrated system to have the height set from 8 mm up to 50 mm to accommodate the thickness of your tile floor finish. The channel is 500 mm in length and 82 mm in width. It also has a slot grate 12 mm deep that allows tiles no thicker than 10 mm thick to be used in the grill cover. If your tile is thicker, you could possibly reduce the thickness by grinding. 

Tray size

Showerlay is a wet room tray available in 14 standard sizes. The drain is located parallel to the shorter edge. A larger tray offers more space for greater comfort. Your tray size should be chosen to match room and enclosure size. Our trays can be trimmed down to size or to avoid obstacles.

Drain Cover
  • Ponente

There are 7 drain cover patterns available. The flow rate is the same for all of them. They are interchangeable and can be swapped even after installation. Each drain sent out is equipped with a lifting hook which makes cleaning easy.

Drain Colour
  • Gold

The visible parts of the drain after installation, the frame and cover,can be supplied in different colours. Thanks to PVD coating, which offers high durability and resistance to discolouration, fading or braking down, you can get a drain that will match the rest of your fixtures.

Surface Finish
  • Brushed

There are 3 steel surface finishes available. The Matt finish is a uniform, slightly rough dull finish. The Brushed is a grind steel-smooth finish with visible , one directional brush stroke across the finished surface. The Polished finish is a high gloss, No. 8 mirror finish.

  • 20 mm

The trays thickness is measured at the outer perimeter. The slope is cut into the tray from the outside toward the drain. The thicker the tray the more noticeable the slope becomes. Also the thicker the XPS foam, the better acoustic and thermal insulation it provides.

Waste Trap
  • McAlpine HC26-50

Before choosing, you should measure your available installation height. Especially in old flats or builds, where the space is limited, a lower height waste is recommended. As long as you have the space, you could choose one of the higher traps, which also offer high flow rate and better water seal. The following applies to the sealing water: 1 cm of sealing water recedes after approx. one week. Thus, for example, if you choose the "Drop 50", unpleasant odours remain sealed for about 5 weeks.


Thickness of the board on the edges. It has 2% gradient on the entire upper surface and is shallower near the drain. The benefit of thicker tray is steeper slope, although even the shallowest trays have sufficient slope for water to flow towards the drain, no matter where it drops.

Waste trap
Drain finish
Waterproofing kit

Waterproofing kit is used to seal shower tray as well as connections between walls and floor. It is recommended for concrete and mandatory for timber flooring. Each kit contains 4kg tanking liquid, 1l primer, 10m sealing tape, 2 corners, 2 pipe collars. One kit covers 3 m² with 2 coats. Waterproofing Kit

Underfloor heating kit

Complete Sunfloor Underfloor heating set, including mat, Wi-Fi thermostat, floor sensor and fitting instructions. Fully suitable with our other products. Advanced thermostat with and iOS/Android app allows to set desired temperature of the floor from distance as well as create schedules.
Complete Sunfloor Underfloor Heating Set

Tile Backer boards

Tile backer boards are used to create the perfect substrate to tile onto in wet rooms and bathrooms. Superior to cement boards and plywood, due to its waterproof and thermal insulation properties. Tile Backer Boards

Shower screen

The Wiper Verre Shower Screen is one of Wiper's new shower enclosures. It is available in multiple standard sizes making it fit in small and large wet rooms. Black and silver options make it looks minimalistic and modern. Perfect choice for any wet room upgrade. Made of 8 mm toughened clear glass with Active Shield coating, 2000 mm high. Included fittings are made of stainless steel. The Verre Shower Screen From Wiper

Height adjustment kit

Height adjustment kit allows you to install your linear frame and chosen drain cover to the same height of your floor finish material. The total build up space from the top of the tray to the top of your chosen finish is the total build. This typically includes tile adhesive and tiles, but could also be underfloor heating. Waterproofing Kit

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Waste Trap

For fitting and using

Waterproofing Kit

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Underfloor Heating Kit

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Shower Screen

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Showerlay Wiper wet room shower tray featuring an integrated Elite Linear drain
The Crown Jewel of our product range.

Indulge in the ultimate bathroom experience with our Showerlay Wiper trays boasting integrated Elite Linear drains. Our range of bathroom solutions boasts a plethora of color and finish options with cover designs that exude unparalleled luxury. Experience the utmost sophistication as you choose the perfect design that fits your unique taste.

Our cutting-edge 3 piece drain design not only offers secondary drainage, but also allows for height adjustment to perfectly match the thickness of your floor covering. Say goodbye to the hassle of installation as this feature makes regulating the height quick and effortless.

At our store, we pride ourselves on offering only the most exceptional bathroom solutions. Our team is always ready to provide assistance, so if you require guidance in selecting the ideal tray for your needs, do not hesitate to contact us via phone, email or chat. Let us help you elevate your bathroom to the next level of opulence.

Neadjustable Frame Elite@3x
NeBest Quality Elite@3x
Nemodern System Elite@3x

More information:

Dimensions of tray can be found on associated technical drawings.

If necessary, the tray can easily be trimmed by hand from both length or width. Alternatively we can create bespoke trays to your exact specifications.

We recommend trimming the tray from both sides to ensure the symmetry and cut-lines for tile remain equal.

The showerlay elite tray can also be easily cut on site should you have any obstacles such as pipe boxings, awkward angles or corners to avoid.

Drain channel is centred across the shorter edge of the tray.

Designed specially to integrate the range of Wiper Elite drains into wetroom trays.

The drain is factory installed into the tray during the manufacturing process to ensure a proper seal and provide a complete product ready to install.

The elite drain features include height adjustability, secondary drainage, and the option of a multitude of colours and finishes.

Our showerlay elite tray is a 20/28/35 mm XPS foam sheet that is re-enforced on both sides with a fibre glass mesh and covered with a flexible cement coating.

The showerlay elite tray has a 4 way slope CNC machine cut into it, giving a perfect pre-formed fall from each corner to the drain.

It is lightweight but very durable.

Perfect solution for British wooden floors but must be under-boarded if installed directly onto joists. It can also be used on concrete floors with any issues.

Standard and minimal under-boarding should be 20 mm thick.

Designed for a wide selection of tiles. Due to the high compressive strength of the XPS foam, it can even be used with small mosaic tiles. This is not suitable for vinyl floor coverings.

Compatible with electric under floor heating systems that can be installed directly on top of the shower tray.

High acoustic and thermal insulation.

Double flow system

Our Showerlay Elite trays have a unique double flow system. The trays linear drain frame and cover are the only visible parts of this system and is the primary drainage of any waste water. However, this raised section allows any water that manages to escape between any tiles or grout that are cracked to flow across the tray to its secondary drainage area, which is the trays embedded linear channel. This system working in concert with your waterproofing materials gives a combination of protection to your wet room that guarantees you will have no problems with water damage for a lifetime.

Double - Flow - 4

Adjustable frame height

The Showerlay Elite has a linear frame and cover that is adjustable from 8 mm to 50 mm in height. This allows for the total build up space you are working with that is required, including the tile thickness, adhesive and any additional materials used such as underfloor heating. We have a supply of multiple kits consisting of block spacers and the appropriate length screws to achieve various heights, all of which can be selected during the checkout process. If you decide to change your choice of tile or find the tiles you're using are a different thickness, we can supply the appropriate kit needed.

Adjustable - Height - 4

PVD coating

Physical Vapour Disposition (PVD) is a process carried out on a solid material to change its surface properties. This process not only improves the value and quality of the material, but also adds to its durability and overall protection. Unlike the powder coating process, which will fade and show signs of wear and tear, though chips and tarnishing, PVD coating is far superior to other coating methods used today and is also a certified environmentally friendly process. Our PVD coated drains have improved resistance to wear, corrosion and cleaning chemicals. Also, the coating is so thin, you will be able to see the chosen metal finish of your drain. Finally, you have the added benefit of a brilliant decorative colour and metal finish that will be easy to maintain for a lifetime.

Pvd - Coating - 5

Available colours

All of our Showerlay Elite drains are grade 304 stainless steel and PVD coated to give them an increased level of durability and resilience to corrosion, wear and tear, as well as a spectacular chosen colour. The linear drain frame and chosen cover will be the only parts visible after installation and will be the only parts that are PVD coated. We have a selection of four colours to choose from, all of which we have found to be the most requested when speaking to customers. The colours available are Brass, which is rising in popularity, Black, a new modern alternative to conventional bathroom decor, Gold, a timeless and prestigious decor that will never lose its style and Silver, the modern day use of this colour for fixtures means more choice when it comes to the style of each fixture.

Available - Colors - Combined

Surface finishes

Each Showerlay Elite linear drain has an option of three different surface finishes. This means you can match your linear drain to all your bathroom fixtures not only by colour, but also by material finish.  All four of our colour options have a choice of Brushed, Polished or a Matt finish.  Brushed, is our standard option and comes at no added cost. It is also the most practical choice for its resistance to scratching. Polished, is a glossy finish, with a smooth and shiny surface, free of imperfection and reduces the risk of bacterial retention. Finally, Matt, is a non reflective and smooth finish. Its dull, smooth finished surface is a new trend that is growing in bathroom decor projects. Once installed, the only visible parts will be the linear drain frame and cover in your chosen colour and metal finish.

Surface - Finish - Polished
Intensi - Piktograms3
Negratings - For - Elite