Planning A Wet Room

Increasingly popular bathroom solutions such as without-tray showers motivate to change our bathrooms. Replacing an ordinary standard shower on a wet room can be quite troublesome if you do not plans ahead. There are some basic rules and tips that will help you prepare properly. If you're wondering whether it's a good idea, we invite you to read our guide - we switched all the important steps that should convince you to create a wet room. Let’s do this!


With a wide assortment which manufactures offer, we can match the drainage to our bathroom perfectly. If you have very small space - the smallest drains are 500mm long and the smallest shower trays - 800x800mm. If you have a large bathroom and would like to use the available space - here is also no problem. The largest drains are 1200mm long and can be up to 2 meters on special orders. One of the many advantages of wet rooms is the ability to install without the need to separate the rest of the bathroom - we do not need to install glass shower doors which will save space and give the impression of large free area.


Manufacturers compete in ideas and interesting solutions for our bathroom. The most important thing for us is to choose the right type of drainage and to match its appearance to the rest of the bathroom. A wide choice and technical descriptions can overwhelm us, fortunately we have created two guides that describe the most commonly chosen solutions for underfloor outflows - Shower Drains and Shower Trays. Thanks to it everything will be more clear and you will know how to match the outflow to your floor and appearance.


Very important, if not one of the most important steps in creating a wet room is proper insulation, since this place in the bathroom will be exposed to water much more than a standard shower. Disposable making insulation guarantee us peace of mind for many years, and the lack of it - on the contrary. Reasons for why we should make a bathroom insulation we described in this Guide. It should be planned before making a wet room and included in the costs. At first glance, this process may seem very complicated, but with proper planning and reviewing our guides, a person who does not have a daily contact with this will be able to handle it.


Let's be honest - at first sight, the cost of creating a wet room is definitely greater than the standard shower. Isolation, proper drainage, installation costs, and even additional features like underfloor heating or glass shower screens - when replacing a regular shower into a wet room, costs can overwhelm some of us. But let's look at this from a further perspective - a wet room is much more universal than a standard shower. No such items as plastic shower tray or shower door are required, which may be damaged and will need to be replaced. Proper installation guarantees longevity of the shower. Making insulation is also a guarantee that our walls will be dry and not exposed to water for a very long time. Despite the very fast changing trends, the wet room is versatile and will always fit the rest of our bathroom. In addition, the wet room is currently considered a modern solution and greatly increases the value of the home when it will be sold. So in conclusion, the cost of wet room is not so great, looking at the amount of advantages that we have.

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