What is shower drain?

In the previous article we discussed the types and advantages of shower trays. This is a very popular solution for creating a wet room, but it also has some limitations. If we do not have a large space or we are limited by the layout of our bathroom, the ideal solution would be to purchase a shower drain. You do not know how to choose it? The following guide will help you make the choice.


Shower drains manufactured by WIPER are made entirely of 304 stainless steel. It must be very leakproof to function well, so it is required to have as few separate parts as possible. In our offer, WIPER drains are built of only two elements - outflow (which after finishing the floor is not visible) and top cover. The outflow is made of one piece of stainless steel, properly folded and welded to form a complete drain with a flange. 30 mm wide steel flange and supplied sealing membrane are very useful especially in timber floors, although they are also suitable for concrete flooring. 304 stainless steel offers good corrosion resistance to both chemical and atmospheric exposures, with a high resistance to oxidation. Each drain model is available in sizes from 500 to 1200mm, which gives a lot of flexibility with the installation of your wet room. It is possible to make a special drain up to 2 meters. Above this length we offer a special connection system.


Each drain is supplied in a ready-to-install kit which includes: drain, top cover, sealing membrane and siphon trap.
Top covers are available in six designs, from plain pattern without any holes to those that have patterns. One of them, called Pure, is a slot drain which should be filled with tiles, so at the end of the day only visible part of the drain should be the channel which water flows through.
Sealing membrane is a non-woven fabric that bonds well in the glue and is resistant to cracking.
65 mm high McAlpine trap siphon with pipe is also included to drain. It features a capacity of 26 l / min and a water seal of 20 mm high. Flow rate is comfortable for a single shower head and seal protects the smells from getting back to your shower. Trap opened from above, even after the installation is completed, after lifting up the grate to allow easy cleaning. Standard 1.5 '' pipe is in the same pack, allowing an instant connection to your waste system. Waste can be rotated and its height adjustable giving great flexibility during installation.


In our offer you will find five drain models to use in the wet room:
- PREMIUM - this is the basic and the most popular drain in our offer for the wet room. This is perfect gully for tiled floors, as the lip height is 15 mm. PREMIUM drain channel is 80 mm wide (140mm with flange) and 83mm high (height from siphon to flange).
- PREMIUM SLIM - its construction and usage is exactly the same as in the PREMIUM drain, but it has different dimensions and siphon trap. SLIM version is much narrower - 52mm. Also, it is the lowest profile wet room drainage type we can supply - its total height including waste trap is only 64 mm. Welded vertical frame is 12mm. Modern design, slim grating and low space requirements are making it suitable and good looking in almost every shower. Comparing to PREMIUM model, this drain has integrated stainless steel siphon trap. It is welded below the drainage, is fixed in position with outlet perpendicular to channel. Outlet is 40 mm long and has diameter of 40 mm, comes with adapter which allows you to connect it to 50 mm standard pipes. It is high flow rate siphon trap which can take up to 38 l/min. Water seal of 30 mm stops the smells from getting back into shower. Easy clean system gives access from cleaning from above, after lifting up the grate.
- INVISIBLE - this drain doesn’t have vertical frame, which gives it flexibility to be installed under any finish material. It is most commonly used to be in vinyl, marble, stone, exotic wood or glass floorings. Entire drain including the grating should be covered entirely with floor finish material, best if its edges could be properly adapted to leave sufficient amount of space for gaps for water to flow. Fabric for cleaning purposes before sticking finish material to cover is included. Supplied with McAlpine siphon trap.
- INVISIBLE SLIM - Like the PREMIUM and PREMIUM SLIM models, this drain is a narrower version of INVISIBLE drain. Except different dimensions (height 68 mm and width 80 mm) there is also a stainless steel siphon trap integrated with the drain body. The construction and usage is the same as INVISIBLE drain.
- ELITE - it is the best quality stainless steel gully in our store. It features flange connection drainage which allows water trapped under tiles to be taken out of shower. Grating is also advanced, it has integrated system which allows to set up height from 8 mm up to 50 mm. Floor level Elite drain has low installation height, modern beautiful design and good technical properties makes it a luxury product. Compared to previous drain models, this one is made with three components (adjustable frame) and only three top cover designs are available.


Compared to the shower trays, drains also have many advantages and capabilities. The biggest difference is that by installing the drain we are not limited by the size of the entire shower and we can match it to the layout of our bathroom. It can be positioned anywhere which giving more flexibility, however builder has to prepare proper slope. Various drain models and its dimensions allows to suit it to many situations in any shower and to different finish materials. Also, multiple channel lengths provide you with an option to have the tiles cut at preferred angle, or, if we have large tiles, to not cut them. Shower gutters are a great choice not only for wet rooms, but also for larger utility rooms, such as showers at the pool. It is possible to install few drains one next to another which increases siphon trap quantity, improving total flow rate greatly.

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