When we start thinking about changing something in our bathroom and shower, we probably do not know the current bathroom solutions and actual features. You've come to the right place - In our offer you will find a range of products to create your dream shower space. Of course, besides the mass of various accessories and interesting improvements, such as heating mats, the most important is the base of the shower and what is responsible for the outflow of water. One of the most popular products is the shower tray, which types and advantages are described below.


Showerlay WIPER is a shower tray with built-in shower drain, also produced by this brand. The basis of the shower tray is mechanically perforated XPS foam. It has embossed slopes of which the percentage of incline is about 2%. The slope’s layout reminds of the shape of the envelope - it falls from every corner of the shower to the drain.  Soon we will also offer shower trays with a single sided slope.
XPS foam is reinforced with fibre glass mesh and cemental glue layer. This strengthens the shower tray and provides the flexibility that is important for tiling and later showering. Thanks to this, the showerlay is resistant to any house microstances or loads. This layer is very thin, which allows to keep the shower tray very low.


The built-in drain is WIPER Premium, made entirely of 304 stainless steel. Integrated flange is embedded into the shower tray, which guarantees additional water resistance. Welded vertical frame is 14mm high and protrudes above the surface of the shower tray. This height makes it unnecessary to worry about the height limits of the tiles and the adhesive layer.
Another drain we offer in the shower tray is WIPER Invisible. Compared to the previously mentioned, this has no vertical frame, so the surface of the shower tray is unitary and on one level. This allows us to use finish materials such as vinyl flooring or stone. Drain's cover is made of brushed metal, which facilitates the gluing of cut material and guarantees durability.

Another option is a shower tray with built-in square gully. This is the equivalent of the WIPER Premium drain, but here it has a square shape of 120x120mm. Its construction and functions are the same as the linear drain, but in shower tray we have the possibility to choose the location of square drainage: in the middle, offset or in the corner.


WIPER Showerlays are designed to fit all types and sizes of the floors. Nowadays, bathroom space is more limited than ever, but on the other hand, a lot of new homes have a large space for a bathroom. Our shower trays are available in many sizes: from 800x800 to 900x1850mm, which makes us able to meet every customer's requirements. The additional advantage of WIPER shower trays is that they can be trimmed to perfectly fit the floor. Keep in mind that we have to cut shower trays on both sides to keep the same height of fall.

Available thicknesses are 20, 28 and 35mm and they retain their properties regardless of the size. Depending on the type of floor and available space, we can choose the appropriate thickness to minimize any additional work on the installation.


The shower tray is a great choice if we are not limited by layout of the bathroom and the available space. This is a ready-made solution that shortens installation time because we do not have to do extra slopes and especially strengthen the floor. The XPS foam provide extra sound insulation, which is very important for the upstairs bathrooms. Also, XPS base makes wet room kit immune to house micro vibrations, thanks to its sponginess. Showerlay surface is covered on both sides with PCI Pericem glue making its connection to tile fixing adhesive excellent. Thanks to its thickness, it also provides some heating insulation, while it's still easy to use with under floor heating systems.