Linear drain Sieme 900 mm Stone


Waterproofing kit is used to seal shower tray as well as connections between walls and floor. It is recommended for concrete and mandatory for timber flooring. Each kit contains: 4kg tanking liquid, 1l primer, 10m sealing tape, 2 corners, 2 pipe collars. One kit covers 3 m² with 2 coats.

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The SIEME linear drains are a series of elegant and durable, high-quality drainage systems. They are finished with an elegant frame and stainless steel grate with a width of 70 mm. The drains come in length of 900 mm. The product can be customized to match individual needs and tastes of the customers.

The Stone drain is a very convenient and elegant solution. The grate is filled with tiles, making it fit neatly into any bathroom interior. The drain is also equipped with a stainless steel flange, useful for installation in the floor with an insulating layer. The set also includes adjustable legs and an insulating cuff.

If you buy this product you will receive (parts included):

Channel length900 mm
Grate styleStone (slot)
Channel height30 mm
Total height100 mm
Channel width70 mm
Total width109 mm
Material304 S 15 grade stainless steel
AdditionalsTanking kit
Drain surfacemirror · brush · matt
Waste trapPlastic (PCV)
Steel collarIntegrated
CleaningFrom above (Easy clean system)
Set consistsLinear drain body · stainless steel collar · sealing membrane · drain grating · Adjustable legs · siphon trap
  • Length (X): 900 [mm]
  • Height of channel (C): 30 [mm]
  • Height to the centre of waste pipe (G): 65 [mm] (can be adjusted)
  • Total height (H): 100 [mm]
  • Height to the top from collar (T): 15 [mm]
  • Height of tiles (A): 14 [mm]
  • Width of tiles (D): 50 [mm]
  • Total width with collar (F): 109 [mm]
  • Width of channel (Y): 70 [mm]
  • Complete siphon, pipe diameter: 1.5" (british standard size),
  • Pipe height adjustable and rotatable at 360°,
  • Drain's cover included.
  • Tile channel depth (A): 12 [mm]
  • Tile channel width (D): 60 mm [mm]

Complete Underfloor Heating Kit

It is possible to include a complete Underfloor Heating Kit to your order. All you need to do is to choose the required size. Additional package, with heating mat, appropriate thermostat, sensor and instructions will be dispatched together with the other goods.

To calculate required mat size you need to get square coverage of the floor and exclude any permanent / fixed fixtures from them. It is also recommended to buy slightly smaller mat than calculated size - you can shape it but cannot cut the cables, therefore too large mat could not be installed.

MAGNUM Underfloor Heating

The MAGNUM Electric Heating Mat is a unique type of floor heating mat. The system has been designed to be used on an existing tiled floor or an existing finished floor, so that floor heating can still be installed there. The mat is approximately 4 mm thick and can be included in a layer of adhesive without any demolishing or grinding. The mat fits virtually underneath the surface. This decreases the heating time of the floor, that also makes this system suitable for rooms that are not permanently occupied including bathrooms, studies, playrooms, etc.

Heating mat

Underfloor heating mat set consists of all necessary parts for installation. One Thermostat is needed for every 23 m² of heating mat. It is included as optional, to allow ordering mat for custom areas, for example if you need 13 m² of mat total, you should buy 10 m² with one of the thermostats set as include and 3 m² with thermostat not included. In case you require less mat coverage than possible to buy from our product pictures, for example 14.5 m² you should always round low with your purchase and buy 14 m² as the mat is impossible to cut. It can be shaped but not shortened to size.

Underfloor heating mat technical properties:

  • EMC-free 2-conductor cable fitted to fibre-optic net
  • 2.5 meter 3-core supply cable
  • Fully encased in an aluminium earthed sheath
  • Unique blind connection between the heating and the connection cable
  • Chrome/Nickel resistance wire
  • PTFE (Teflon) insulation
  • PVC protective sheath
  • 10 -11 watt per meter resistance wire, 230 Volt
  • Cable diameter approximately 4 mm
  • Mat widths of 25 or 50 cm
  • Complies with current NEN standards for installation in completely wet rooms

Underfloor Heating Mat


In some situations the digital regulation is not required and so the preference is for a simple on/off operation. Specifically industrial applications where the heating must remain on at all times. Therefore MAGNUM has designed the Standard Control: a simple on/off thermostat with temperature regulation that is clearly easy to operate.


  • Voltage: 230 Volt - 50/60 Hz
  • Maximum load: 16A / 230 V
  • Temperature range: +5 to +40°C
  • Housing: IP21
  • Color: Polar white (RAL 9010)
  • Testing: CE
  • Technical details:
  • On/off thermostat complete with temperature regulation
  • Including floor sensor
  • Integral room sensor and floor limit sensor
  • Multi frame adapter system for: Gira, Jung, Elko, Merten, Busch Jager, etc.
Underfloor Heating Thermostat

Easygum Tanking Kit

A tanking kit is used to insulate the surface on which tiles will be laid, in areas exposed to moisture. It is recommended wherever a high degree of water resistance is required and in places with high humidity (eg, showers, bathrooms, toilets, laundries, kitchens, etc.). Waterproofing can be used on any type of substrate: the walls of the gypsum-carton boards (Rigips), plastered walls, walls of concrete blocks, wood-based materials, old ceramic tiles, old stone cladding, etc.

For anti-moisture insulation systems in wet rooms and rooms intended for human residence. The tanking liquid is a ready-to-use singlecomponent, solvent-free sealant composed of polymer dispersion, fillers and modifying additives. When applied to the surface, upon binding it creates a flexible and water-insulating layer.

Tanking kit contains:

  • 4kg Tanking Liquid
  • 1l Primer
  • 10 Metres flexible Sealing Tape
  • 2 Flexible Pipe Collars
  • 2 Corners


  • Consumption to 1,2kg/m²
  • Solvent free
  • Drying time: 2h

Tanking liquid

The tanking liquid is a ready to use, single component, solvent-free sealant mass, consisting of polymer dispersion, fillers and additives. When applied to a substrate and cured, it forms a flexible waterproofing coating. The product is intended for use inside places intended for human residence, especially in humid areas (such as bathrooms, kitchens, laundries), to perform insulation against moisture under linings and coverings, such as ceramic tiles, glazed tiles, terracotta, wooden floors and panels, and synthetic carpets.


The product is intended for priming absorbent and porous surfaces, inside and outside buildings. It is especially recommended for cement - limestone plaster, gas concrete, plaster-carton boards and cement plaster. The primer has a high penetration ability, is deeply absorbed into the substrate, thus strengthening it, while allowing for „breathing”. These benefits improve the structure of the substrates, which, due to the passage of time, have lost their appropriate parameters. The priming solution improves adhesion to the surface of other materials that will be used on the primed substrate. By reducing the absorbency of the substrate, the wear of the applied coating materials, emulsion paints, glues, mineral putties reduces as well. The solution, due to the content of the biocide and fungicide, protects the primed substrate against the formation of mold and bacteria in the product.

Matlastic Mat

The Matlastic mat is made of polyethylene film coated with a special non-woven fabric on both sides, so that it bonds with the glue layer better. Its installation is recommended in all areas that require sealing. The MATLASTIC mat is lightweight, flexible and resistant to decay, it ensures a uniform thickness of the sealing layer, it is resistant to cracking of the substrate, ensures the seal up of the entire surface, reduces installation time, allowing to lay the tiles immediately after gluing the mat.


  • Indoor and outdoor
  • For walls and floors
  • for wet areas, such as: bathrooms, showers in apartments, hotels and buildings – utilities (moisture load class A01, A02, A1, A2),
  • For balconies, terraces
  • For use on moisture sensitive substrates, e.g.: gypsum plaster, gypsum planks, gypsum boards, gypsum-carton boards (Rigips), wooden particle boards,
  • For use on absorbent mineral substrates, e.g. on concrete, screed, stucco, cellular concrete, cement putty masses and leveling masses.


  • Water proof product,
  • Ductile product,
  • Scratch bridging product,
  • Product ready for use,
  • Fast readiness for further work,
  • They bind with all tile laying systems,
  • They seal corner joints in wet areas,
  • Forming flexible and durable connections.

Caution. Please read the instructions carefully before installation.

  • The diagram shows various parts of the channel and their dimensions can be found on the More info tab.
  • We recommend that you do not remove the protective foil from the grating until the installation is complete
  • The instructions refer to the correct installation of the channel only and do not include information regarding insulation or other elements of the shower cabin such as sealing connections between the shower walls and floor as well as water proofing.
  • The channel should be installed together with the siphon trap and then the adjustable legs should be glued in the places shown.

The MATLASTIC mat is made of polyethylene film coated with a special non-woven fabric on both sides, so that it bonds with the glue layer better. Its installation is recommended in all areas that require sealing. The MATLASTIC mat is lightweight, flexible and resistant to decay, it ensures a uniform thickness of the sealing layer, it is resistant to cracking of the substrate, ensures the seal up of the entire surface, reduces installation time, allowing to lay the tiles immediately after gluing the mat.

Sealing membrane

Documents available below are available to everybody for free to download. They can be open in high quality on your computer and be printed for further use.

Sieme drains installationSiphon technical drawingLong term guarantee

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Linear drain Sieme 900 mm Stone
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Well-priced product

The shower room was easily erected and the drain is of good quality.

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It just what I need and does the job. Thxs!

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The counter weight is perfect so when someone step on it it doesn't wiggle plus it includes a tool to clean the "filter" that collects my wife long hair

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little unstable legs but easy to install anyway

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I have a white resin floor + I want the linear drain to look as invisible as possible - can resin be used instead of tiles? it is only 3mm thick but could more be poured in?

Asked by: Polly Hillier 14-12-2017 12:47:02