When preparing to renovate or finish out your bathroom, you need to make many difficult decissions. First you have to decide if you want a shower or a bathtub, then whether you will choose a ready shower tray or will the simple linear drain be better? Then everything has to be adjusted and installed so that nothing leaks. The enormity of systems and manufacturers of construction chemicals available can cause a headache. Manufacturers use various sealing systems, proposing entire product lines with strange names. Which manufacturer should you choose? We suggest that it is best to trust the largest and most experienced one.

In our store in the category of construction chemicals you will find mainly products of the well known german manufacturer PCI. It is the largest producer of construction chemicals in the world. It has factories on several continents, the company's shares are listed on several stock exchanges. It has its own laboratories and a lot of specialists thanks to which it can provide the best products.

PCI products are very often used where all materials used for construction must meet strickt standards, for example in the construction of hotels, water parks, roads, bridges or public buildings. The manufacturer provides on their website pages detailed product data sheets with the most important physical and chemical properties of all products they offer. This manufacturer has been proving for years that high quality products are the priority for them.

Below you will find some of the most frequently chosen PCI brand products in our store.

Best, ready to use, solvent free, ultra flexible liquid foil there is. Very easy to apply by brush, roller or trowel. Resistan to lime water. Great water imperable solution for walkin shower. Highly efficient and fast drying. Often you can proceed with further work just after two hours. It’s available in many different packaging: 4kg pail, 8kg pail, 25kg pail.

This liquid foil is also available in our ready-to-use waterproofing bestseller TANKING KIT.

It’s a fleece-lined rubber tape made to highly improve waterproof barrier on floor an walls joints. Great crack bridging capabilities, antiaging and resistant to lime water. It should be used with products like PCI Lastogum for prefect tanking effect in shower area. It’s available in many different shapes and sizes: tape, interna corner, external corner, patches.

Elastic joint sealant both for indoor and outdoor use. Capable of absorbing joint movement up to 20%. Prevents fungal and mold growth on joints. Resistan to household cleaners and has very low emission according to GEV-EMICODE EC 1 PLUS.

Easy-to-clean, fast setting, flexible fine joint grout for tiles and natural stones. It has increased resistance against acidic household cleaners, for indoor and outdoor use, great for bathrooms. Very low emission certificate. Comes in many birilliant colours.

Much more PCI products available HERE.

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