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Bespoke shower trays from Wetrooms Design Ltd

When you are looking for the right shower tray for your bathroom and you notice that the standard dimensions of the shower tray manufacturers proposed do not fit your place, you immediately wonder what to do – Reduce the space for a wet room to a size that is generally available and I will not have a problem buying a shower tray? And if I can not change anything in the area, because this is the only place where this shower can be mounted? Can I order a shower tray that matches my dimensions? We suggest how to solve these issues.


A custom-made shower is a great way to organise your shower space functionally for the individual needs of each of us. The vast majority of people choose standard sizes of shower rooms. The standard dimensions have been developed as intended and are adapted to the comfort of showering. In addition, the sizes of standard bathrooms in our apartments and houses are also taken into account so that the size of the wet rooms has the most optimal space.


In our offer you can find shower trays in 11 sizes ready-to-tile. Despite this choice, it happens that not a single size will be suitable for your bathroom. If so, you have come to the right place, because we will prepare a tray with the required dimensions for you. Thanks to this, your showering room will be tailored to the arrangement of your dream bathroom, which will give you even more satisfaction. After all, it is your place of peace and relaxation, and we want you to feel good in it every day.


Walk-in shower trays are undoubtedly the most impressive part of bathing equipment in modern bathrooms. They optically enlarge the interior and are safe and comfortable to maintain.


We need 10 business days to prepare custom shower trays. As the order requires more work, the purchase cost increases, but it will certainly translate into your satisfaction. In addition, all shower trays have a 10-year warranty, which means that we create the best solutions that last for years.

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