Wet Room Trays for Tiled Floor Finish

Shower trays for tiles

Get the best of your bathroom with our premium wet room shower trays for tiled floors. Designed for tiling, these wetroom shower trays have a waterproof base for a shower tray tile finish. With preformed gradients and built in drainage, they give water flow and a modern look.

Why Wet Room Shower Trays for Tiled Floors?

Our wet room shower trays are the perfect base for any walk-in tiled showers, they are tough and stylish. Here’s why;


  • Designed to fit any tile, including mosaic.
  • Gives a smooth transition from the tray to the tiled floor, looks great in the wet room.


  • Each tray has an integrated drain system, linear or square drains.
  • Flexible drain positions (centre, offset) to fit different plumbing configurations, to give water flow and reduce pooling.

High Quality Construction:

  • Built from robust materials (304 stainless steel or 316 marine steel) for residential and commercial use.
  • Can be trimmed to fit bespoke spaces or ordered in custom sizes to fit unique installation requirements - visit bespoke configurator.

Versatile Installation:

  • Can be used on wooden and concrete floors.
  • Fitting guides available for all subfloors.

Expert Insight:

Wetroom Shower Trays For Tiled Floors Are Designed To Be A Watertight Base That Fits With Any Tile. Our Trays Have A Pre -... Wetroom shower trays for tiled floors are designed to be a watertight base that fits with any tile. Our trays have a pre-formed gradient to channel the water to the integrated drain, so no water pooling and efficient drainage. They are designed to fit different tile sizes and types, including large format and mosaic tiles. With high compressive strength they can take small mosaics without compromising the structure, making them perfect for a luxurious and functional wet room. You can trim on site or order custom sizes so they can be tailored to any bathroom layout, to match your style and installation requirements.
Matt R.

For those looking into other finishes, we also provide wet room trays for microcement and trays for vinyl floors to suit specific flooring preferences.


Our wet room shower trays for tiled floors have a preformed gradient to direct water towards the integrated drain for smooth water flow.

They are fully customisable, can be trimmed on site to fit non standard spaces or ordered in bespoke sizes for unique bathroom layouts.

Installation is versatile with multiple drain positions and comes with full fitting guides for ease of fit.

The drainage system is linear and square options so you have the flexibility to fit your design.

Additionally, these trays are compatible with a wide range of tile sizes, from mosaics to large formats.

Fitting Guide

  1. Prepare the Subfloor: Make sure the subfloor is level and secure. For wooden floors apply underboarding.
  2. Fit the Tray: Place the shower tray and trim if required to fit.
  3. Drainage: Connect the integrated drain to the plumbing.
  4. Waterproofing: Apply waterproofing membranes as per instructions.
  5. Tile the Tray: Start tiling with suitable tiles from the drain and out.
  6. Grout: Grout around the drain for a finish.

Detailed instructions in our wet room shower tray installation instructions.


Can I tile a shower tray?

Yes, our wet room shower trays for tiled floors are designed to be tiled, a solid and waterproof base for your shower tray tile.

How do I fill the gap between shower tray and tiles?

Use a waterproof silicone sealant to fill the gap between the shower tray and the tiles. This will prevent water seepage and give a clean finish.

Are these trays suitable for wooden floors?

Yes. Our wetroom shower trays can be installed on wooden and concrete subfloors, provided waterproofing is applied. Read the timber floor installation instructions.

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