Why You Should Invest In A Wet Room

Why You Should Invest in a Wet Room

Whether you’re thinking of making bathroom renovations or you’re moving into a new build, you may be thinking about installing a wet room. Wet rooms make a modern addition to any bathroom space, and will have you reluctant to leave the shower!

So if you have some space to spare and would like add a touch of luxury to your home, then these reasons alone might be enough to persuade you to start making construction plans!

Stylish Design

Wet rooms are, without a doubt, one of the most luxurious of installations to have fitted in your bathroom. Without a bulky shower tray, your shower space is enclosed in its own room inside slick tiled designs that look effortlessly stylish.

They add a ‘spa’ like quality to your bathroom whilst making a big statement with the clean and minimalist look of frameless, glass shower doors, and paved with classic neutral tiles.

The open plan design gives a look of seamlessness which can transform the look of any bathroom whilst at the same time saving on space!


As well as looking fabulous, a wet room can actually add value to your property by adding a modern feature to your bathroom.

Bathrooms are no longer a place of simple practicality, but a place to pamper and relax. The increase in space encourages you to indulge a little longer in your cleansing routine, making it a more enjoyable space to reside than just the average bathroom.

Easy to Maintain

Having a wet room installed will actually prove easier to clean than a conventional shower as there are less components to get dirty. The elimination of a shower tray means that there’s just a continuation of tiles from floor to wall to keep in good nick, as long as you make sure that your wet room is sufficiently waterproofed.

Leakage shouldn’t be a problem as any excess water goes down the drain, preventing any water damage that may occur on carpeted or wooden bathroom floors.

If you’re thinking about how you could benefit from the installation of a wet room, then you should invest in an excellent quality drainage wet room kit for a more efficient and reliable design. At Wet Rooms Design we provide a range of designs tailored to your interiors available to browse on our website. If you have any enquiries about our products then contact us on 020 7193 0953.

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