How To Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

How to Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

When you have a property that’s slightly on the small side, you do everything you can to make it seem less cluttered. However, your rooms can still look cramped with the wrong interior design and this could be due to anything from furnishings to colour schemes. Bathrooms, for example, can be easily transformed to look bigger just by implementing a few changes.

Light Colours

Using light colours to paint or tile your bathroom with is ideal as they help to brighten and suggest the look of an expanded space. Dark colours make rooms look cramped and closed as they absorb light. To automatically make a room appear larger, tiling a room with light, neutral tiles and painting the ceiling the same colour will help light reflect around the room.

Wet Room

Another way to make your bathroom appear larger would be to transform it into a wet room. Wet room designs for bathrooms are becoming increasingly popular as they have a ‘spa-like’ feel and are built without any bulky features that tend to make a space feel cluttered. Often, wet rooms are tiled from top to bottom to create a clean cut, slicker look, which also helps to open the space as opposed to a bathroom which is sectioned off with different coloured tiles and paint. Wet rooms also have a walk-in shower feature which eliminates the need for a shower tray and sometimes a door. Taking away these features creates a lot more roaming space and is perfect for those who need easier access!

Natural Light

Having a lot of natural light works in the same way as lighter tiles and furnishings, as it helps to really open up a space. Usually bathroom windows are frosted or covered with blinds to optimise on privacy, but if your bathroom is on a higher level, then chances are no-one’s going to see you apart from the window cleaner! Opening your shutters and letting your light in will do wonders for the illusion of a bigger bathroom.

Glass and Mirrors

Mirrors too create the illusion of a bigger room, especially if the mirror is larger than life! Mirrors will reflect the light around the room and will really help to expand your space. What will also clear up some space is an all glass shower door – this does away with any clunky bathroom door fixtures and they are a common feature in wet rooms and shower rooms. Having textured or printed glass will make it seem like there is another wall, and reduce the impression of space, whereas complete glass looks as though there isn’t a door at all!

At Wetrooms Design, we strive to make your bathrooms a luxury space, and what says luxury more than a wet room? If you need the perfect draining shower tray to be fitted that’s just as stylish as your wet room space, then feel free to contact us at 020 7193 0953 for further information about our products. 

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