Why Is It Worth Choosing Hydromassage Shower Panels

Already in ancient times, the beneficial effects of water on our well-being were discovered. Who does not like to give a relaxing bath? Comfort, peace and freshness of water are a simple and pleasant way to regain vitality. It is thanks to water, which has always been a symbol of the source of life, renewal and freshness, the body relaxes, rests and souls are full of optimism. The SPA philosophy heals our body from the outside and from the inside.

A wet room has been standard in our flats and houses for some time. However, more and more often, when finishing the bathroom or refurbishing it, we wonder if instead of a regular shower mixer, do not opt for a shower panel with hydromassage. Thus, let's check the advantages of this solution.

Hydromassage and its impact on health

A water massage is probably the most pleasant kind of therapy: in an effective, but balanced and gentle way, it stimulates our nervous system to produce hormones that eliminate the symptoms of stress and provide a feeling of pleasure and relaxation. Regular hydromassage supports the reduction of imperfections and slims the figure. Appropriately selected treatments are used in the treatment of circulatory disorders, neuroses, joint and spine disorders. Athletes appreciate their beneficial effects after intense workouts. On the one hand, it is an element of therapy that supports recovery after minor injuries, such as: muscle tension, light injuries, dislocations, etc., on the other hand, the power of hot water and massage, which remove tension and restore strength, allow you to regain energy after training.

Shower panel

They require less space than a bathtub and are usually cheaper. In the standard equipment with hydromassage is a series of nozzles and mechanisms responsible for our relaxation and detente. More and more models also have a cascade screed, which remarkably regenerates the muscles of the arms and neck, that is the areas of our body most severely experiencing everyday stress. There are also adjustable height panels and movable nozzles that allow you to change the direction of the stream.

Additional equipment

These can be shelves for cosmetics and bathing gear, a folding seat allowing a bath in a sitting position - especially useful for people with limited mobility. In addition, mirrors, bidet spout, 12V safe voltage lighting, temperature sensors, built-in audio system are useful for water therapy. In more expensive versions of panels you can usually expect more comfortable and interesting elements. The part is available as standard, others as additional paid equipment at the customer's request.

The use of cyclic hydromassage therapies not only relaxes and energizes, but also influences the reduction of blood sugar, improves the airway, improves circulation and reduces joint pain. What's more, hydromassage helps fight insomnia.

Shower panels have many advantages: they provide several types of massage, have a modern and aesthetic appearance, take up little space, are easy to assemble. In combination with a walk-in shower, it will distinguish the interior of every bathroom. No wonder their popularity is growing.

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