Every year, more and more people decide to choose shower over a bathtub during renovation or decorating their bathroom. Sometimes because of limited space, sometimes for water saving reasons, but often also because of the modern look. Due to this trend, manufacturers outdo each other in creating new technological solutions and unique looks of their products. Trying to eliminate the disadvantages of acrylic solutions that have been present for years, they came up with something a little different. A special mixture of resin and crushed stone covered with a gel coating is now used in the production of shower trays. Here are five example advantages of such solution, which decides about its superiority over other options present on the market. In particular over cheap acrylic shower trays.


Non of us wants to renovate the bathroom every couple of years. That's why it's worth choosing solutions that will guarantee us trouble-free use for much longer period of time. When choosing bathroom equipment, first thing to look at is durability. While acrylic shower trays may seem like a good choice, stone and resin shower trays will guarantee much higher durability and strength. They are harder, they tolerate loads better, and the outer coating is more resistant to scratches and cracks. This is particularly appreciated by dog owners. Bathing a naughty dog won't mean a completely scratched shower base anymore.


Thanks to the materials used, the resin tray is much harder and stiffer than its competition. This greatly simplifies proper installation. The base will not bend and twist, which will facilitate proper leveling. Both, materials and technology used in the production process of these shower trays allow for a higher accuracy of dimensions and shapes which is a great importance during installation in our bathroom. In addition, shower trays of this type are lighter than ceramic solutions and easier to handle during assembly. There are also a variety of possibilities when installing the base. We can mount it on the legs and choose the required height, place it flat on the floor to obtain a height that is only the thickness of the shower tray itself or completely flush the base with the floor level to create a typical walk-in wet room shower.


Again, thanks to its stiffness and hardness it is much easier to seal our shower tray effectively. We do not have to worry that after several dozen baths, the silicone sealant will start to peel off and break due to excessive bending of the base. Zero deflection of the shower tray will also guarantee a tight and long-lasting connection of the siphon trap with the drain pipe, which often is a problem in case of acrylic shower trays.


Usage of a special gel coating to finish the top layer gives us many benefits. First of all, we are not condemned to the standard white, smooth, glossy surface of the shower tray. We can choose a special rough finish imitating natural stone or 3D wood or even grass imitation. In addition to the original look, we also get a great non-slip surface with antifungal and bacteriostatic properties.


A property that your neighbours and roommates will especially appreciate. The combination of stone and resin and installation close to the floor guarantee much better sound insulation than in the case of thin acrylic shower trays under which a kind of resonance box is created. Thicker and more dense stone resin shower base walls will absorb majority of the bathing sounds.

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