Which Wood Is Suitable For The Bathroom

The combination of white and wood is definitely a timeless combination that looks great both in modern minimalist and traditional arrangements. The natural character of the wood warms the room, and thanks to the ceramic white, the whole looks elegant, aesthetically and originally. If the interior has a large access to daylight, a high level of comfort during use and general decoration is guaranteed. However, it is worth remembering that not every tree species has properties that are durable enough to cope with bathroom conditions.

The possibilities of using wood in the bathroom are many. Wood for the bathroom must be hard and resistant to distortion. These properties are measured using a wood shrinkage ratio. The higher the percentage, the higher the shrinkage coefficient and the wood is more exposed to cracking, deformation and further the formation of gaps.


Oak is a powerful tree that has high strength parameters and rich colors. This species is easy to process, it is resistant to water. Products from the oak over time darken in a natural way.

The beech has high strength as well as aesthetic qualities, it can be mechanically processed, thus it is an ideal material for making furniture. Unfavorable conditions can quickly worsen the condition of wood if it is not effectively protected.

Larch wood is also characterized by high strength, tolerates variable weather conditions, does not undergo fungification and decay.


These species are also durable to moisture and have a low shrinkage ratio. They are resistant to crevices, creaking and discoloration of the surface. Palisander stands out with its deep, saturated colors. Hard and moisture-resistant wood fits perfectly with light additives.

Iroko changes its dimensions to a very small extent under the influence of temperature. It has excellent stability and durability.

Due to the content of oily substances and silicic acid Teak does not absorb water and is resistant to both chemical agents and insects. Perfect wood for parquet with underfloor heating.

Merbau is not the lightest wood species. Such a high density, however, goes hand in hand with high hardness. It is one of the most commonly used trees on an industrial scale. It works great in furniture production. In homes, it is mainly used in the bathroom and kitchen due to the high degree of durability. It does not absorb water, it is not scary fats or food. Resistant to high and low temperatures.

Streamlined shapes of basins and bathtubs can be beautifully displayed thanks to a wooden enclosure. Think about where you will use wood in your bathroom to get a warm, friendly climate.

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