So you decided for a walk in shower in your bathroom, but you also need to choose the type of protection against splashing the rest of the bathroom with water. Even with a big shower tray and very good slopes, it is almost impossible to keep the water only within the shower tray. You got the choice between a traditional shower curtain, glass shower screen or acrylic one. Each solution has its own pros and cons, which should be considered. Then you can decide which property is the most important for you.


The unquestionable advantage of an ordinary shower curtain is its low price. The rest of the solutions can't even compare. A large selection of designs, colors and sizes is avaliable for just a few quids. And that variety of designs is another undoubted advantage of a curtain solution. We can easily choose a pattern for every bathroom decor. If the pattern get bored, you can replace it quickly and cheaply and refresh the decor of your bathroom gently at the same time. The possibility of easy disassembly gives a great chance to keep the curtain clean with no effort. Just remove it from the clips and wash it manually or in the washing machine. Any residue of soap and water will not be a problem. If after some time the pattern will fade out, you can exchange it for a new one easily. Another advantage is the safety of this solution, because, unlike glass, the curtain can not break into pieces.

Unfortunately, a frequent argument against curtains in the shower is the lack of elegance and that it is an old-fashioned solution. For many, this will be a huge defect and main reason to reject that idea. However it is only a matter of personal taste and preference. In addition, it will be necessary to mount a guide for the curtain. That can disturb the minimalist look of a wetroom shower. Some also complain about the uncomfortable sticking of the wet curtain to the body while showering.


Unlike curtains, the glass is a long-lasting solution. Once mounted, it allows you to forget about it until the next bathroom renovation. The risk of mould on the glass surface is also very low, even without a proper cleaning for a longer time. Which, unfortunately, is relatively common with a traditional curtain. Glass is also a very fashionable minimalist and elegant solution that will work in almost any decor. From a very rough interior of a rustic or Scandinavian style to fanciful colorful designs. It will also be very easy to change the decor of the rest of the bathroom without the need of changing the shower screen and everything will match together anyway.

But like any other solution, it has its drawbacks. The biggest one is the high price. However, as we know, renovations of bathrooms are made for years, so maybe it is better to use timeless materials? If the price was the only worry, the choice would be simpler, but the glass has more drawbacks. It is also more difficult to install, especially with larger dimensions. It is much easier to notice limescale on the glass than on the curtain. And it is often difficult to remove. If you want to learn more about home-made methods of dealing with limescale, I invite you to read one of the previous articles [LINK]. Another disadvantage for the careless is the possibility of shattering such a wall. Although the shower glass is tempered, is is not indestructible. The probability of unintentional breaking of the tempered glass in the bathroom is small. However, some caution must be preserved.


Acrylic may be an interesting alternative to glass. It will be safer and cheaper, and equally elegant. In addition, acrylic occurs in different degrees of transparency, which gives us greater flexibility to match your requirements regarding the appearance and level of privacy. This material is also famous for the possibility of bending and forming shapes, which further enhances design possibilities.

Unfortunately, acrylic glass is not ideal and also has its limitations. First of all, the water and soap limescale will be visible as clearly as on the regular glass and it will be much easier to scratch it during cleaning.

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