To build an elegant, modern walk-in shower, you basically need three components. A drain or a shower tray (you can read about them HERE or HERE). Shower faucets and, of course, the shower screen. Since our offer will soon include the unique Wiper Verre shower glass screen, in this article we will focus on choosing the right screen and present the specification of our proposal.


There are many types of shower screens. Open, closed, L-shaped, two sides open... We propose a classic, straight one side open walk-in shower screen. It is one of the most frequently chosen types and most often found in minimalist, elegant bathrooms. The shower glass is mounted to the wall with a metal profile and additionally has a stabilizing crossbar at the other end, mounted to a perpendicular wall. This solution gives, above all, spaciousness and convenience of use. The lack of glass shower doors not only means there is more space, but also less nooks and crannies for cleaning. Proper installation and positioning of the shower tap will help protect the open part of the shower enclosure from splashing water to the bathroom. Extremely demanding users can use a squeegee after showering or place a bathroom mat in front of the entrance. For example, a bamboo shower mat is often a functional accessory that also complements a minimalist bathroom.


Compared to other elements of an open walk-in shower enclosure, the installation of the shower glass is easier, faster and requires no special tools. The entire kit usually consists of three main components and a few mounting accessories. For example, when buying the Wiper Verre Bright or Black shower enclosure proposed by us, in addition to the shower glass in the package, you will receive a special mounting profile and a stabilizing bar. Both the crossbar and the profile are adjustable, thanks to which you can adjust the glass shower wall perfectly to your bathroom. The profile has a range of over one centimeter to level the curvature of your walls. Thanks to this, you can easily level the glass, and the standard 120 cm crossbar can be cut to the required length. Both elements have dedicated mounting pins and keys included, so you only need to drill the holes in right places and screw all the brackets. Then, with the help of the attached device, you will secure the glass in the profile, using a special gasket from the accessories set. Finally, all that remains is to finish the joints with a sanitary silicone and it's done.


Glass used in shower screens must be toughened. The toughening process not only significantly increases the strength of the glass, but also its safety in case of breakage. If there is serious damage, the glass will scatter into small, non-sharp pieces. This greatly reduces the risk of injury. Therefore, glass shower walls can also be used in bathrooms used by children, as well as the elderly or disabled. In walk-in showers, the most common glass thickness is 6 or 8 mm. In the case of the Wiper Verre wall, it is 8 mm thick tempered glass. The shower screen will be a bit heavier, but at the same time more solid and stiff.

The Verre shower glass is covered on one side with a special hydrophobic coating that prevents water droplets from settling on its surface. The drops slide off, leaving the glass almost dry. During assembly, it must be ensured that the protected side is, of course, inside the cabin. Thanks to this solution, the water will not have a chance to evaporate, leaving scale deposits difficult to remove. The Active Shield coating makes it much easier to keep the shower cubicle clean without the need for scrubbing.


Unlike many other cheap products, the Wiper Verre shower glass is equipped with massive, solid brackets. This gives elegance and emphasizes the higher quality of the product. Additionally, the mounting brackets are rotatable and has a wide range of angle adjustment (up to 180 degrees). This means that it is possible to mount the crossbar at even very large angles. This is especially useful for non-standard walk-in shower enclosures or extremely curved walls.

Most shower screens come with a several-year warranty. It is 25 years for all products offered by Wiper.

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