Linear Drain Wiper Premium PREMIUM and Sieme Linear Drain SIEME
The standard and most frequently chosen types of drains. Thanks to the steel flange around the drainage channel (larger in the case of Premium), we can seal everything against water properly. Due to the flange around the entire drain, you should keep the appropriate distance from the walls. The set comes with a standard plastic waste trap with a height of 68 mm. It can be positioned along or across the drain, and the rotating elbow gives additional possibilities to fit into the existing sewage system. The height of both drains is 30 mm, and width 84 mm (for Premium) and 70 mm (for Sieme). They are, therefore, quite low, but wide. The large width means collecting the water with a larger surface, and the drainage grid is more visible and more distinctive against the background of the entire shower. The Premium outflow is also available in the SLIM version, about which you can read below. Due to the distance of 15 mm between the flange and the upper surface of the drainage channel, we will be able to use most standard sizes of ceramic tiles for finishing. Premium drains have up to 6 different cover patterns to choose from.

Wetrooms Design Ltd WALL UPSTAND
It is a drain created especially for installation by the wall. One side of the steel flange is bent upwards. Thanks to this solution, it is possible to properly seal wall to floor connection. Rest of dimensions and features are the same as in Premium model.

Wiper Elite Linear Drain ELITE
So far, this is the most advanced drain offered in our store. It has a special double frame structure, which allows you to adjust the frame height together with the drain grate. This is very helpful when installing a drain in the floor, which is to be covered with a non-standard thickness of the finish. In addition, Elite drains are narrow (48 mm) and low (64 mm including the siphon) so they do not take up much space and can be installed in very shallow floors. The waste trap is welded to the drainage channel and can not be rotated (thus it is so low while maintaining good parameters). This drain model has three patterns of drainage grates.

Wiper Invisible Linear Drain INVISIBLE
As the name suggests, it is almost completely invisible after the installation. The steel flange is combined with the upper drain frame so after covering the whole with finishing material, the only thing that will betray the presence of the drain is a narrow rectangle around the grill cover. The basic advantage of this model is the total freedom of choosing a floor finish material. From standard tiles, through mosaics to stone and marble. Thickness doesn't matter. In the standard version, the total height, including the plastic siphon, is only 88 mm. Invisible also appears in the SLIM version, which you can read about below.

Wiper Premium Slim Linear Drain PREMIUM SLIM and Wiper Invisible Slim Linear Drain INVISIBLE SLIM
These are special versions for Premium and Invisible drains. Thanks to the use of a special, steady, steel outflow, their height has been significantly reduced. The width of the drainage channel has also been reduced, thanks to which the drains are more compact, takes up less space and does not fall into the eye to much.

Wiper Classic Linear Drain CLASSIC
This is the simplest model. Because it does not have a steel sealing flange, it should not be installed in bathrooms. Its main purpose is installation as drainage system, eg in garages, on terraces or at outdoor pools. The size corresponds to the Premium drain. It does not have the SLIM version. But you can also choose from 6 cover patterns.

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