Is Waterproofing Necessary In The Bathroom

The bathroom is a room in which we care about our hygiene. The walls and floor are in permanent contact with water and moisture. It is worth taking care of the bathroom by impregnating its surface, which will affect its durability, and also protect us against the formation of harmful fungi and mold.

Where is waterproofing most needed in the bathroom?

There are places where waterproofing is particularly important. Moisture and water can penetrate the walls and floor even with very little leakage. The most exposed places are the entire bathroom floor, the zone next to the shower tray and the bathtub along with the walls and the wall around the washbasin. Most often, our finishing materials are tiles. Walls and tiled flooring do not guarantee full protection because the joints between them are not 100% waterproof. The effects of improper damp proofing and destructive water effects are rarely visible immediately. Most often they reveal themselves only after a few years. The result is very expensive and labor-intensive repairs with the removal of moisture and fungus.

How to avoid moisture in the bathroom?

Before we start finishing our bathroom with tiles or other finishing material, we should make damp insulation. Thanks to these activities, we will make sure that the moisture does not enter the walls. The following preparations will help you in this:

• Liquid foil - it is used on concrete, plasterboard, gypsum, lime and cement plasters, wood and stone. Flexible liquid substance, protects and strengthens surfaces exposed to water. Do not use it on the wall for painting (before applying the paint), because the paint will run off. It will not stable and after a short time it will start to exfoliate. We recommend PCI Lastogum or waterproofing kit Tanking kit Wiper.

• Waterproofing mortar - for use on any type of substrate, in rooms with a high degree of moisture. Ideal for use on constantly wet surfaces: bathing rooms, wet rooms, swimming pools, or other water reservoirs. We recommend the two-component mass PCI Seccoral® 2K Rapid.

Before each layer of insulation, remember to use a primer, strengthening and protecting the surface protected from the harmful effects of water.

Waterproofing treatment in wet rooms will stop the moisture in the place of its creation, and then allow ventilation to remove it from the interior. All products can be found at

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