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Waterproofing slurry PCI Seccoral® 2K Rapid


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PCI Seccoral 2K Rapid is an insulating flexible rapid coating to use in medium and heavy type of surfaces. This fast setting mortar is recommended to terraces, balconies, swimming pools, fontaine, water holes, foundations and basement walls from the ground as well as building side. As a double component product is a perfect solution to composite waterproofing under tiles in places exposed to high water pressure.

PCI Seccoral 2K Rapid characterized with with extraordinary bond strength and durability. This product keep high reliability even if cracks in the substrate form at a later stage. Can be applied to cement screeds and tiled over as soon as they are walkable (after approx. 4 hours)

PCI Seccoral 2K Rapid, as a double component product, consists of 2 x 12,5kg bags. Both mixed can cover up to 10m² (at 2mm dry layer thickness).

Packaging size25 kg unit consisting of liquid component 12.5 kg plastic container and powder component 12.5 kg PE lined heavy duty paper bag
Shelf lifemin. 12 months; dry and protected from frost
Working temperature+5 °C to +25°C (substrate temperature)
Material base of Liquid componentmodified acrylate dispersion
Material base of Powder componentspecial cement mortar with waterproofing PCI polymers
Consumption & coverage2.5 kg/m² • approx. 10.0 m² / 25 kg of mixed PCI Seccoral 2K Rapid
Density of mixed mortar1.20 g/cm³
Mixing ratio12.5 kg liquid component : 12.5 kg powder component
Exposure to water afterapprox. 3 days
Backfill excavation pit afterapprox. 3 days
Can be tiled afterapprox. 4 hours

Features and benefits:

  • Water impermeable and frost resistant, multi-purpose use indoors and out.
  • Crack bridging, high reliability even if cracks in the substrate form at a later stage.
  • Isolating properties, reduces tensions, can be applied to cement screeds and tiled over as soon as they are walkable.
  • Good workability, creamy consistency, easy to apply by brush or trowel.
  • High convenience in application due to fast setting time, but long time to form a skin.
  • Low odour development, no unpleasant, irritating odour.
  • Crack-free curing, the coating does not crack or crumble.
  • Pervious to water vapour.

Fields of application:

  • For indoor and outdoor use.
  • For walls and floors.
  • Officially authorized to produce bonded waterproofing in areas exposed to intense wetness meeting the requirements of moisture use classes A and B in accordance with building standard list A 2/1.10.
  • Tested in accordance with DVGW worksheet W 270.
  • For flexible waterproofing in case of moderate use - not officially approved - moisture use class A 0.
  • For flexible waterproofing under tiles and natural stones on balcony slabs or terraces (B0).
  • Officially authorized for the waterproofing of external basement walls, wet rooms and retaining walls according to building standard list A 2/1.9.
  • Crack-bridging waterproofing under ceramic coverings in showers or rooms with floor drains, swimming pools, health spas, salt-water spas.
  • Crack-bridging waterproofing in above and below ground situations, in new and old buildings.
  • For horizontal waterproofing on and under walls (e.g. clinker brickwork etc.) against rising water through capillary action, e.g. waterproofing of foundation walls in new and old buildings.

A dry layer thickness of minimum 2 mm is required for all applications acting as waterproofing layer directly under tiles (bonded waterproofing). Examples:

Applications officially controlled (building standard list A part 2 ff. 2.50):

  • Walls subject to high loads by water for industrial use and cleaning (A), e.g. in public shower facilities
  • Floors subject to high loads by water for industrial use and cleaning (A), e.g. swimming pool surrounds
  • Floor and wall surfaces in swimming pools (use class B) Bonded waterproofing in accordance with ZDB leaflet, current edition: (applications not officially controlled)
  • Wall and floor surfaces subject to moderate exposure to non-pressing water indoors (A0) e.g. "Surfaces subject to direct and indirect use in rooms with occasional exposure to industrial and cleaning water, such as residential bathrooms, bathrooms in hotels, floor surfaces with drains in these application areas".
  • Wall and floor surfaces subject to moderate exposure to non-pressing water outdoors (B0) e.g. "Surfaces outdoors subject to direct and indirect exposure to non-pressing water, such as balconies and terraces (not above rooms in use)".

Application as waterproofing of buildings officially controlled (building standard list A part 2 ff. 2.49):

  • Required dry layer thickness for loads in accordance with DIN 18 195 part 4, 6 and 7: 2.5 mm
  • waterproofing against ground moisture and percolating seepage water of floor slabs and walls (external basement walls)
  • waterproofing against non-percolating seepage water and pressing water up to a foundation depth of 3 m
  • waterproofing against water pressing from the inside (water reservoir without ceramic coating)

Preparation of substrate

Suitable substrates are concrete to EN 206-1 (minimum strength class C 20/25), plaster/render minimum strength class CS III to EN 998-1), masonry produced of brick or sandlime brick with joints completely filled with cement mortar. Prior to being coated, foamed slag bricks and hollow concrete blocks are to be plastered/rendered in accordance with mortar group CS III to DIN 998-1. The substrate must be structurally sound, mainly even and fine-pored in the surface. It must be free from honeycombs, gaping cracks and ridges, dust, water repellents, forming oil or other residues which could impair adhesion. Fill voids and honeycombs on walls with PCI Polycret 5 concrete filler or PCI Pericret repair mortar. Break edges and round grooves flush with a minimum radius of 4 cm. Form covings with site-mixed mortar or the repair mortar PCI Repafix. Prewet the cementitious substrate; it must be damp at the time of application, but not overwatered. Prime mastic asphalt screeds indoors and rough-ground anhydrite screeds and/or gypsum-based flowable screeds with undiluted PCI Gisogrund. Allow primer to dry. Anhydrite screeds and/or gypsum based screeds indoors must not have a residual moisture content exceeding 0.5% (measured with CM meter). Lime cement renders are to be primed with PCI Gisogrund diluted 1 : 1 with water if necessary.

It is required to apply two coats of PCI Seccoral 2K Rapid fully covering the substrate. The finished coat must have the required minimum thickness over its entire area for the expected water load (see "Technical Data/Application").

Mixing both components

      1. Application by trowel Mixing:
        (It might be necessary to stir up the liquid component before mixing it). Fill the liquid component in an adequate, clean mixing container and add the powder component. Using a suitable paddle, e.g. from Collomix, mix both components for approx. 3 minutes until a homogeneous compound is produced. Leave to stand for approx. 1 minute and remix.
      2. b) Application by brush or spray gun When both components are mixed, add approx. 10% of water, in relation to the liquid dispersion, and briefly remix to obtain a homogeneous compound. For partial quantities: 1 kg of liquid component 1 kg of powder component 0.1 of litre water

Preparation of substrate

Prewet the prepared cementitious substrate. The substrate must still be damp, but not overwatered, when applying the waterproof coating PCI Seccoral 2K Rapid. No pre-wetting is required on primed mastic asphalt screed, anhydrite screed and/or gypsum-based flowable screed.

Application procedure

Apply the first coat using e.g. a flat bristle brush or roller until the entire surface is saturated. Make sure that corners and rounded edges are thoroughly covered.

      1. Waterproof pipe culverts and floor drains with PCI Pecitape 10 x 10 and/or PCI Pecitape 42.5 x 42.5. Waterproof corner joints and floor/wall junctions with PCI Pecitape 120 unless no coving is formed. Press PCI Pecitape 120 into the first coat of PCI Seccoral 2K Rapid and cover it by applying a second coat.
      2. Using a trowel, apply the second and possible third coat up to a total maximum thickness of 5 mm.
      3. Laying ceramic tiles Ceramic tiles can be laid on the walkable coating after approx. 4 hours* using PCI Nanoflott light, PCI Nanolight, PCI Flexmörtel and/or PCI Flexmörtel- Schnell. A void-free application is required in the exterior.
      4. rotecting the coating

Do not backfill the excavation pit until the coating has thoroughly cured (after approx. 3 days*), protect excavation pit by taking appropriate measures in accordance with DIN 18195. Protect coating from damages which may be caused by subsequent works, e.g. by a gypsum-free trowel plaster, protective screed, foam or mineral fibre boards, foils or other surface coatings.

Please note:

  • PCI Seccoral 2K Rapid must always be applied to the building side exposed to water.
  • Do not apply PCI Seccoral 2K Rapid at ambient and substrate temperatures below +5 °C and above +25°C. Avoid exposure to extreme heat and draught.
  • Mix only as much PCI Seccoral 2K Rapid as can be applied within approx. 45 minutes.
  • Never add water and/or liquid component or fresh powder component to reconstitute a PCI Seccoral 2K Rapid mix which has already begun to set.
  • For areas of classes I, II, III in accordance with ZDB leaflet "Mechanically heavy-duty coverings", e.g. canteen kitchens, canteens, sales rooms, motor vehicle showrooms and maintenance rooms. Tensile strength of ceramic (F(N) to DIN EN ISO 10545-4 min. 1500 N for class I and II, 3000 - 5000 N for class III.
  • Additives to PCI Seccoral 2K Rapid are not allowed.
  • Irregular substrates must be levelled before waterproofing.
  • The following procedure must be followed when fixing tiles on PCI Seccoral 2K Rapid as a thick bed: When PCI Seccoral 2K Rapid is applied to the required minimum layer thickness, another coat of PCI Seccoral 2K Rapid is necessary. A stipple coat modified with PCI Emulsion is applied to the fresh material. Allow the stipple coat to cure, tiles and flagstones can then be laid as a thick bed.
  • Connecting sections and angle sections made of metal must be doweled to the substrate and waterproofed with PCI Seccoral 2K Rapid. It can thus be avoided that the PCI Seccoral 2K Rapid layer separates from the metal section due to thermal expansion.
  • We recommend the following preparation for gutters made of zinc or zinc-titanium prior to the application of PCI Seccoral 2K Rapid: Prime gutter with PCI Elastoprimer 220 (two coats), sprinkle fire-dried silica sand (grade 0.1 - 0.4 mm) over the newly applied second coat. Allow primer to dry.
  • Do not backfill excavation pits with rubble, coarse stones or debris. The waterproofing layer must not be damaged (protect by placing e.g. drain boards in front of the excavation pit). PCI Seccoral 2K Rapid must have thoroughly cured before backfilling the excavation.
  • The perimeter joint in floating screeds must be free of mortar and waterproofing slurry to avoid acoustical bridges. It is recommended for wall/floor connections (see detail drawing) to keep at least 10 mm in horizontal and vertical direction free from PCI Seccoral 2K Rapid. Impurities on the perimeter strip must be thoroughly removed before installing the waterproofing tape.
  • The liquid component of PCI Seccoral 2K Rapid is not suitable to be blended with mineral systems and to act as primer for subsequent mineral systems.
  • Clean tools with water immediately after use; when the product has cured it can only be removed by mechanical scraping.
  • The waterproofing of buildings with PCI Seccoral 2K Rapid is not yet officially controlled in DIN 18195 part 4 to 6, however mentioned in part 2. When using the product to waterproof a building as defined by DIN 18195, the operative must inform the building contractor and request a written confirmation that the client agrees to the application of the product.
  • Suitable tools are available from e.g. Collomix GmbH Horchstraße 2 85080 Gaimersheim/Germany www.collomix.de.
  • Storage: dry and protected from frost, no permanent storage over +30°C.
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