Summing all costs before renovation, can give you a headache looking at how much money you are going to spend on all products and services. With tight budget you will start looking for savings. I will try to convince you that it is not worth looking for them in the bathroom. And certainly not when buying shower drains. In short, it is better to choose a cheaper mirror or shower screen than the drain or shower tray.


The cheapest shower drains available on the market (most often found on Amazon or in suspicious online stores) hold a very low quality finish. Anyone who has held such a drain in their hands knows that one must be careful not to cut the skin on sharp, unpolished edges and protruding burrs left by imprecise cutting machines. Standing on the sharp edges of the drain every single day is not the best vision of a newly renovated bathroom.

The thickness of the steel used is also not a strong point of such drains. Thanks to this, the drain itself is light, but it is a very dubious advantage. Thinner metal sheet means lower strength. If the drain is straight at all, it can be easily bent during installation or use, for example with wheelchairs, chairs for the disabled or simply standing on it.

One of the most critical drain points are the welds. They ensure waterproofness of the drainage channel. In low-cost, mass- and unprofessionally produced drains, welds may be bad, which allows them to leak water.

Another problem is the quality of the steel used. Taking the low price into account it is difficult to trust the real stainless of the steel. The last thing you want to see in your new bathroom are the corrosion spots on the shower drain.

With cheap drains, it is often difficult to accurately join elements. This causes problems with installation and sometimes alterations are required.

It is also worth bearing in mind that cheap shower drains often do not meet European construction standards. This can mean serious problems with obtaining compensation from the insurance company in the event of flooding.


First of all, keep in mind that it is a purchase for years. It is not worth saving on a product that is supposed to serve us every day for many years without causing any problems. In general, the additional costs that you have to pay for a decent linear drain is not as drastic as it might seem. In addition, the costs of any repairs or replacements in case of faults may be enormous. Premium products increase the value of the interior and simply look better, and in the end it is our satisfaction that is the most important.

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