Tile-over shower trays are a very comfortable and durable solution for years. Unfortunately, a floor in the bathroom does not always allow for the installation of a shower tray in the floor or sometimes we just don't want to rip the floor off. What to do if you still want to have a beautiful easy access shower tray? We present the Wiper Solid Eye thin shower tray.


The shower tray is made of a material called Solid Surface with unique properties. This very durable mineral-acrylic composite, unlike other materials used in the production of shower trays, is very easy to maintain and repair. One of the basic concerns about buying a cheap acrylic shower tray is its susceptibility to scratching and sagging. These disadvantages do not apply to the Solid shower tray. Even if the surface is deeply scratched, the repair is very simple and only requires a little hand grinding and polishing the surface. It is very simple and possible to do by the user himself without having to pay for a professional renovation.

As the shower tray is made of solid material, it is not hollow inside, so the effect of bending under the weight of the user does not occur. The board of the shower tray has a standard, most often chosen size of 90 × 120 cm, which allows you to create a comfortable shower space even in a relatively small bathroom. The thickness of the Solid shower tray is 30 mm, which provides it with adequate stiffness, without creating a high entrance threshold. Ready-made bleeds made from each corner ensure efficient collection of water from its entire surface.

The surface of the shower tray itself is free of pores, making it very easy to keep it clean, and the possibility of the development of all bacteria and fungi has been almost eliminated.


The low Solid shower tray has a built-in Wiper Eye-Drain drain frame, the unique shape of which gives the whole a unique look that stands out from similar products available on the market. The frame is made of thick stainless steel, which additionally increases the aesthetic value and value of the entire shower tray. The set always includes one of the lowest siphons on the market with a matching masking grille. It is cleaned from the top, so keeping it clean is not a problem.

WIper Solid Eye Drain


Making the appropriate bleeds is the most difficult element of a walk-in shower to perform properly. In the case of the Wiper Solid Eye tray, this stage of work may be completely omitted. Pre-made bleeds from each corner will ensure an accurate, symmetrical collection of water from its entire surface.

The installation of the shower tray itself is very simple and is usually limited to installing a siphon in the floor, and then glueing the mineral tray to the floor, connecting it with a waste trap and finishing with silicone. However, there is a second installation method that makes it possible to achieve a truly curbless shower. It starts with making an opening in the floor the size of a tray and with a depth approximately equal to its thickness. Then glue the shower tray so that it is even with the floor and then finish it around with silicone. Among other things, it is this flexibility in the installation that makes this product stand out from the others available on the market.

If you have any questions or would like to order one for your bathroom do not hesitate to contact us at shop@wetroomsdesign.co.uk or 08000 608 859020 7193 0953.

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