Washbasins In Various Colours

Washbasins in various colours

In modern bathroom stylizations, we often find colourful washbasins. The range of colours is enormous but not only because we also have a choice among the most varied shapes. It is a may and courageous solution, but it certainly adds to the taste of our bathroom. Many times we meet with white bathroom ceramics and even though white never goes out of fashion, why not try something new.

Colours such as green, pink or red – a washbasin in each of these colours will gave the interior an original look and feel. Certainly modern bathroom ceramics will surprise many people for the richness of colours and shapes. Besides, they are very universal. With the knowledge and the sense of style, it will fit virtually any bathroom.


The black basin is ideal for an industrial-style bathroom. In the company of raw concrete, bricks and even metal, the black colour of the hand basin will match perfectly. In a palace-style bathroom, it is a great idea to mount a gold basin. The colour of the gold is clearly associated with wealth, abundance but when it comes to the bathroom also warms the interior. In the oriental bathroom, let’s choose colours such as blue, green or red. Thanks to this treatment, we will be able to feel carefree and relax. Thus, it can be seen that for bathrooms finished in:

industrial style - rawness, sophisticated elegance, large spaces and a limited colour palette;

palatial style - gold glow and richly framed mirrors, crystal chandeliers, bent legs of furniture;

oriental style - a wealth of fabrics, a colourful blend and finesse decorations;

choice of colourful washbasins is excellent.


When arranging bathrooms, manufacturers offer whole colored series for modern bathrooms. The combination of basin, toilet seat and bidet in the same color is not a problem. Colourful ceramics will work in any style. In the scandinavian style of the bathroom, we can calmly put on a colourful accent in the form of a black or green basin, which, combinated with the characteristic for this style wood and white perfectly fits and attracts the viewer’s attention.

As you can see, you do not have to stick with the simple stuff, we have a lot of possibilities. Manufacturers of bathroom fixtures meet new and newer needs of customers, as a result of which colourful washbasins are finding new customers. Changing trends can be easily seen at interior fairs and exhibitions. Colourful ceramics currently occurs everywhere and we will not forget about it soon.

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