Over the years, the bathroom has ceased to be a purely usable room for us, to which we go only 'to do our business'. More and more people are designing their bathrooms in such a way that every stay in it would be a substitute for a visit to the SPA center. After a exhausting day, everyone likes to relax with their favorite movie or TV series. Why not do it during a hot bath in pleasant lighting and surrounded by the smell of a pine forest? All this can be achieved by using modern technologies in your bathroom, by making it smart.


For several years on the market now we can buy speakers and TVs resistant to moisture, splashing and adapted to be installed in bathrooms, and even directly in the shower. Some shower panels even offer built-in radio receivers so that we do not have to worry about the place where to install it. A special TV in the bathroom is quite an expensive solution, but it can be so pleasant that the one in the living room will not be needed anymore.


Chromotherapy in other words is a color therapy, an unconventional healing method, which involves exposing our eyes to specific colors for relaxation or stimulation. Thanks to the use of multi-colored LED lighting and control using a remote control or tablet, we can conveniently change the color of lighting in your bathroom depending on your current preferences. Manufacturers offer lights mounted directly in the bathtub or in rain shower head. In both cases we get a beautiful, moody effect of the illuminated water.


Present on the market for many years now. Available with an analog or digital controllers, which can be programmed in many different ways to save electricity. Depending on your needs, heating mats can be used on the whole floor surface of our bathroom or only for example in a walk-in shower. Walking on a pleasantly warm floor is an experience that can not be overrated, especially during long winter evenings.


Another relaxing gadget widely available. For both, lovers of bathtubes and showers. Thanks to the use of special nozzles and a strong stream of water, a normal bath can turn into a substitute for a visit to a massage therapist.


Great idea for owners of spacious bathrooms who do not know how to manage them well. Walk-in wet rooms with two sets of sprinklers instead of one are becoming more and more popular. They are usually mounted opposite one another in one shower space. Thanks to this solution taking a shower together is a completely new experience. In addition, an interesting trend is also usage of a relaxation benches in the shower. They can be an integral part of the floor or made of specially impregnated wood. It all depends on the user's taste and imagination.

The use of modern technologies in our homes is a constantly growing trend. It is in the bathrooms that the smart solutions have the most to say. Thanks to the designers, a modern, high-tech bathroom does not have to look like a spaceship interior straight from a science-fiction movie. New technologies can be cleverly hidden even in a very traditional décor. Today, when designing interiors, technology does not stop us anymore. Only our imagination and budget is becoming a limit. Stay tuned for the second part of the article.

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