Wall Colors In Our Bathroom

Times, when the only option to decorate walls in the bathroom were tiles, have long been behind us. Bathroom walls can also be painted. Thanks to the bathroom paints available today, the metamorphosis of our bathroom has become simpler than ever. The color of the paint can change the whole décor radically. Here are some tips on what to look for when choosing your dream shade.


Both have their own advantages - it is best to choose the size of our bathroom. Lighter shades naturally add space to the interior, while the dark ones optically reduce them, but also make them more cozy. So if our bathroom is a little cubicle, let's choose something bright. If, however, we have a huge bathroom in the house, which seems a bit empty, we can go crazy with darker, more moody colors.


Also here we have two options to choose from, each of which has its own pros and cons. Warm and cheerful colors, such as oranges, reds or browns, will help us start a new day with good energy. They can, however, slightly annoy the evening. In turn, the cool palette, which includes various shades of blue and green, calms us down and introduces an atmosphere straight from the spa. It is ideal as a backdrop for long evening baths after a tiring day, but in the morning, especially in winter or autumn, do not optimize. So if getting up to work in the morning is a torment for us and we have serious problems with getting up, it's better to opt for more sunny colors.


What is important - the color around us affects the feeling of temperature. Therefore, in a blue or green bathroom will be a bit cooler than in yellow or orange. Therefore, we strongly suggest warm shades, so for those who are always hot, the bathroom will be perfect in refreshing shades of blue or green.


To all those who are trying to paint the bathroom, we highly recommend the selection of special paint for the kitchen and bathrooms. Remember that due to the high humidity and higher temperatures, the paint used in the bathroom must be more resistant than the one we painted the living room.

Special paints for the bathroom and kitchen, available today in the offer of the majority of manufacturers, usually include latex paints (with a higher than usual resin content) or ceramic. To a lesser extent, they absorb moisture and, at the same time, form a gas-permeable, breathable coating. As a result, they are less susceptible to fungus, which is also protected by specialist additives against fungi and bacteria (eg silver). In addition, bathroom and kitchen paints create a durable, indelible coating that can be cleaned with a wet scrub, also with detergents. And although these types of products are slightly more expensive than ordinary interior paints, it is definitely worth investing in them in the small area that our bathroom usually creates.

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