How To Save Water In The Shower

How to save water in the shower?

Often after a hard day's work you probably dreamed about taking a long and warm shower to relax. Not once in the summer you thought about a cold shower to refresh your body and stimulate you to act. Certainly, these activities can work on you like meditation, regardless of the time of day in which you use, but did you wonder how much it costs you? And what if you analysed the above situations and wondered how much money can be left in your wallet after making a few simple changes in this daily pleasure? So, we start:


Most of us prefer warm or even hot showers, but try to shower at a temperature below 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius), and you will feel even better than before. In addition, cooler showers strengthen our body and have many other health properties.
Select a tap with a thermostat that allows you to set the target water temperature before you unscrew the tap. Thanks to this, you will reduce water consumption by up to 40 %, because you don’t waste water to regulate its temperature, you just set the right temperature for your water right away.


Set a smaller water flow than max. For this purpose, taps with a limiter of the amount of flowing water, i.e. with an eco-button, are helpful. To obtain maximum water intake, you must first press it. In this way, we limit the uptake of water by up to 50 %.
When choosing a shower mixer for wet rooms, give up the traditional taps because they are uneconomical. A much more economical solution are single-lever taps, which have a double advantage- it is easier to set the desired water temperature and water jet. In addition, this type of taps can be closed with one move.


Taking a shower usually takes about 10 minutes. It happens that we stand in the shower and just pour water on each other. Try to notice how often you only stand in the shower during the next shower. However, if the shower is such a pleasure for you that you can not break away, then apply a radical solution in the form of an alarm clock set for 5 minutes. Maybe it will motivate you to shower faster and allow less water to flow through the drain.


Few of us uses this type of saving, however, it is the easiest way to reduce water consumption, and requires only our willingness. Rinse first, stop water, soap, unscrew water and rinse. Such activities will show big differences in the bills.

At the beginning, you only have to make one change, and after a month you will see the differences. It may be small, but it is already significant in a year. Apply all and you'll save a lot of money.

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