How To Light Your Bathroom Right

Tips & tricks for better bathroom lighting.

Each of the bathroom activities needs a different kind of lighting. Properly selected lighting will significantly improve the comfort of use. An ingeniously planned light source will not only increase the functionality of the room, but will become a decoration in itself. See what you need to pay attention to when choosing lighting.

When choosing a bathroom lighting, the size of the room should be taken into account. We have to choose the main source of lighting that will reach every nook and minimize the shadow effect. One plafond fits perfectly into a small bathroom. In a larger one, a more functional solution will be provided by several halogen or LED floodlights scattered all over the ceiling, which are turned on together evenly to illuminate the entire bathroom, while ignited separately divide it into zones. White and cold light fits best in interiors where there is a lot of white or contrasting colors. These colors of light are worth choosing, also in rooms with a metal finish. In the case of more subdued, pastel colors, it is better to choose white and warm colors of light. For better effect, the main light and additional lighting should have a similar color temperature.

Local lighting, i.e. at the mirror, should ensure even and symmetrical face lighting. If you want to have good light, it is best to install parallel lighting on both sides of the mirror finished with matte glass or choose a mirror with a built-in LED light source. LED lamps nicely and uniformly illuminate, delicately scattering the light without catching the eyes. For a makeup mirrors, choosing a cool color of light is a very good solution. Provides better visual acuity thanks to daytime colors. In the case of a wide horizontal mirror, an oblong strip with several light sources or a panel is placed over it.

Bath and wet room lighting

Above the bathtub or the shower tray a mild decorative lighting will perform well. Gentle warm light is to calm us down and relax. In the shower area you can build in the wall spotlights just above the shower tray. Make sure that the lamps have increased moisture resistance parameters. It is worth thinking about making various types of recesses, shelves, slits in the wall or ceiling to install linear lighting, which will add elegance and interesting decorative effects to our bathroom.

The bathroom lighting options as we can see we have a lot. While arranging our bathroom, we should also remember about the safety issue, due to the large amount of moisture and water vapor. It is best to choose products with a high tightness factor.

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