Why The Size Of The Tiles Is Important For Wet Rooms

The size of the tiles is important for wet rooms.

Each of us wants to have a nice bathroom. Many factors influence its attractiveness. Important aspects affecting the appearance are the choice of colors, lighting, furniture, and even such details as matching tiles to the shower tray.


Manufacturers of floor tiles offer different sizes and shapes. There are available square, rectangular, hexagonal, regular octagons, which need to be supplemented with small square tiles. They are produced in the range from 15 mm x 15 mm (mosaic) to huge tiles, up to 1200 mm x 1200 mm. Regardless of the type of tiles, when finishing the surface of the shower tray should pay attention to their size, because the larger the tile, the more visible are edges of slope.


Opting among small size plates brings visual benefits to wet rooms. Small sizes can be combined with each other and create unique patterns. They look good in both small and large rooms, and even the small one can optically enlarge. They require less work with trimming when creating a slope.
Small ceramics help to hide small flaws and imperfections.

For some users the significant advantage of large-format tiles is that they require filling with a grout smaller area between the tiles which facilitates cleaning. This size of the tiles requires more careful preparation of the substrate and laying than smaller ones. It was assumed that the larger the plate, the wider the grout should be.

To create proper drainage conditions, we recommend using ready-made shower trays with a built-in drainage channel. Special grooves in the direction of the drain make it easier to get the right slope when tiling.

The final effect depends also on the appropriate ceramic placement. Only our imagination is a limitation to creating thoughtful wet rooms. The use of small tiles will certainly interest all visitors. This solution gives your bathroom a rich and modern finish.

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