4 Ways To Create More Space In Your Bathroom

The joy of receiving keys to the dream home is indescribable. Each of us cannot wait to have our own four walls. However, over time we may begin to be dissatisfied with certain things that, for financial or architectural reasons, are not easy to circumvent. According to research, one of the biggest reasons for dissatisfaction is insufficient space. As a company selling wet room solutions, we often meet with customers who are wondering how to get extra space in the bathroom. You too? You got it! This article will advise people who do not have a large bathroom, how to develop the space and maximize it as much as possible. Let’s do this!


Increasingly popular wet rooms are the ideal solution when there is a little space in our bathroom. Compared to a bath or shower, which together with paddling and shower doors takes up a lot of space, a wet room can be a hit. Manufacturers offer a wide range of models and sizes to replace traditional showers. One of them, the floor drains, can be installed in the bathroom anywhere - to save space, it can be just nex to wall. WIPER manufacturer provides many models of drains, so we can match them perfectly to our floor type. The sizes start at 500mm, which allows you to create a wet room even in the smallest possible room. An interesting solution is the PURE top cover - it is tileable, so we put tiles inside it too. After the installation only visible elements of the drainage will be narrow channels where the water flows. This solution allows optically enlarge the bathroom and at first glance the shower area can be practically invisible.


Another solution to get extra space in the bathroom and optically expand the space is to get rid of any radiators. How to do it? With the help comes a very popular solution often used together with wet rooms, which is underfloor heating. Products offered by the companies, such as Magnum Heating, are adapted to specific types of flooring, available in many sizes and simple to install. This will allow you to get rid of the heaters from the walls and warm up any room regardless of its size. Underfloor heating can also be used in wet rooms, which help to dry out the water on the floor. Also it is extremely appreciated in winter when it keeps the tiles warm underfoot.


As we mentioned at the first point, a wet room is a great way to get extra space. By making it in the right place, there is no need to install shower screens that are required for a standard shower. However, if we want to avoid splashing water on the rest of the bathroom, we can install shower screens adapted to the wet room. They do not occupy much space, and besides the fittings they are practical and invisible, so also optically enlarge the bathroom compared to normal showers. They are made of tempered glass. They are also very thin - the thickness usually does not exceed 8mm! Combining glass with the rest of the finishing materials in the bathroom gives it a very modern look and adds value to your home.


Also from the finish materials depends on how big your bathroom will look. Choose large ceramic tiles. It is a myth that small tiles should be choosen for small bathrooms. It is easier and cheaper to lay them out, but these large formats will give a uniform, calm, and thus illusory, greater plane. Rectangular ceramic tiles should be arranged horizontally - it will optically widen the bathroom. Conversely, tiles arranged vertically will work for low interior. The same goes for patterns: belts and motifs that fit into the belts. As a rule, patterned ceramic tiles reduce optically the bathroom. They create the impression of tiring excess and overwhelm. Alternatives to patterns and color patterns are trendy tiles with a clear texture. They are varied, not reducing the bathroom optically.Wall, floor and ceiling finish with cold colour shades: white, gray, pale violet, blue, light green or powder pink. These colors make the walls optically distant, giving the impression of space in a small bathroom.

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