The perfect shower mixer for your bathroom

If you are renovating your bathroom, you will eventually face the choice of a tap for you wet room. It would seem that the problem does not exist or is quite trivial, but it will appear when you face this dilemma. Below you will find some tips on what to follow when buying them.


Taking into account the method of installing shower taps, we divide them into two groups: wall mounted shower valves and concealed shower valves. Both categories have their advantages and disadvantages. The first type is installed directly from the bathroom supply pipes. Beneficial factors are their price and that they are easy to assemble. The limitation is the need to install the tap in the place of water installation. This type of taps has a less modern look and therefore loses their popularity in favor of more fashionable concealed taps that have a more minimalist appearance. Taps with concealed valves do not need to be installed directly into the water system, however, it is necessary to forge gaps in the wall. The control mechanism is located in the wall, which requires assembly before the glaze is placed, and only the lever, the mask and the spout are visible. They take up less space in the shower, they are functional and there are many models to choose from. However, modern design is more expensive. Concealed valves are more difficult to install and service.

When assembling, it is worth remembering that gaskets and filters will be correctly installed, which will protect the tap against impurities and of course seal it. More and more seals and filters are already included in the set with the tap. If not, you must buy them yourself.


In the case of a tap, the price can mislead us. Why? Because not necessarily what is more expensive, means better. If it is a tap of a well-known manufacturer, we can expect in advance that its price will be higher, but not necessarily adequate to the quality of the product. Let's pay attention to the material from which it is made. The type of material gives us an idea of what its strength will be. The functionality of a given model is also important. It should be comfortable and suited to your everyday needs as well as adapted to the overall look of the bathroom. As you can see, the price should not play a leading role here.


There is one more issue that needs to be addressed. This is the weight of the product. The more, the merrier in this case may prove to be the road to success. Namely, the heavier the tap is, the more durable and tighter it is. A faucet which is heavier has thicker walls and this affects the resistance to different water temperatures. Just take two different taps to your hands and compare their weight.

As you can see, above are only a few of the most important criteria that are good to follow. Before you buy, analyse competitive prices and stores, pay attention to the quality to enjoy everyday use later.

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