One of the main problems when decorating a bathroom is the lack of sufficient space. This is a very important stage in which we must decide about the appearance and functionality of our bathroom probably for the next 15 years. We often need a compromise between what we need and would like to have in our bathroom and available space. The shape of the room is also very important, and it can be very different and sometimes difficult to adapt. Using the ideas below, you can be sure that your small bathroom will be significantly more functional and spacious.


If it’s only possible, prepare small bays in the walls that will serve as shelves for soap, shampoo or sponge in the shower area. This will allow you to get rid of the protruding holders, which often bother us during bath in a small shower. In addition, nicely made inner shelf is much more durable and looks better than the wall-mounted holders. This type of shelves can be used throughout the bathroom, not just in the shower. If we have such a possibility, they will be great as a place for utensils around the sink or as a shelf for towels.


Free room above our head is frequently overlooked when designing a bathroom. It can provide us with a lot of extra space to store rarely used bathroom stuff. A good place to use it is the space above the entrance door. It does not strike your eyesight right away when entering bathroom and even a small shelf with a few nice containers will allow to store chemistry, towels and spare cosmetics. This is a great solution for a taller people. In other cases, it may be necessary to use some small 2 step ladder.


In addition to the space above the door, we can use the door itself. It is quite a popular solution for hanging towels or a bathrobe, but not everyone knows that you do not have to limit yourself to hooks. Currently, we can easily get horizontal door hangers on the market. This solution looks much more neat. In addition, towels dry better and fall less often than from hooks.


By far the largest space occupier in the bathroom is the bathtub. First substitute that comes to our mind is to choose a shower enclosure instead. However, we must remember that an ordinary cabin is not the perfect solution for a small bathroom. The door often opens outwards, the base is massive and wide, and the shower panel inside sticks out from the wall, taking some space away. Therefore, a great solution is a walk-in shower without visible shower tray. Showerlays are available in many shapes and sizes so that we can perfectly match them to our room. Then all you need is a piece of glass or curtain and a modern, minimalist and comfortable shower is ready.


Using a space behind the mirror for a small cabinet is an increasingly popular solution. It can easily hold small bathroom items and accessories or medicines or even cosmetics. We currently have a large selection of such products on the market so everyone will find something for themselves. Often, such a cabinet is completely invisible, and by offsetting the mirror from the wall, the space between can be used for additional mood lighting.

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