How Do You Choose A Bathroom Radiator

How do you choose a bathroom radiator?

When looking for a bathroom radiator, it is worth considering what type of equipment we need and what function it should perform – whether it is only to be used for heating or also for drying. The size is also important to perfectly fit the place where it will be mounted, as well as shape and colour to fulfill the decorative function of the interior. A well-chosen radiator will effectively heat the bathroom. We advise what selection criteria should be used during the purchase.

We can choose from 3 types of radiators:

1.Central Heating Radiators
They have a traditional ladder construction built from vertical collectors connected by horizontal pipes. They are integrated with central heating, so we only use them during the heating season. They are made of steel or copper.

2.Electric Radiators
It is worth using them when you want to warm up the room. Their biggest advantage is the low purchase price. In addition, they heat up quickly and are very easy to assemble. Available models are both stationary and portable.

3.Dual Fuel Radiators
Thanks to the water section, they can operate in the heating system for the entire heating season, and when there are temperature fluctuations, we can use the electrical section. This is the best solution for anyone who values savings and comfort. The electrical section also means the efficiency and speed of operation, because after a few dozen seconds from connecting the heater to the socket, we obtain the full power of the coil.

Functionality and convenience

According to new trends, the apartments are designed in such a way that the space of the rooms grows at the expense of the kitchen and bathroom area. When arranging a small area, we must ensure the consistency of the decor as well as reduce the number of furniture and equipment by, for example, installing a walk-in shower tray and selecting the right heating, thanks to which the room becomes functional. A large surface requires a choice of a higher power heater. If there are windows in the bathroom or we are dealing with an extreme room, it is worth considering underfloor heating. Bathroom with underfloor heating gives us great comfort of use, because we do not have to worry about moisture in the bathroom, however, it will not dry our towels as well as a traditional wall-mounted heater or dryer, so it is worth using both solutions for larger rooms.


The coatings can be, for example, varnished, chromed and metalized or satin. Manufacturers offer many standard colors and can individually paint radiators in any color. Choosing radiators of high quality, with adapted dimensions to the place of assembly and the appropriate color can give the room an individual and unique character.

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