Due to the large number of questions about discounts on orders, we decided to meet our customers' expectations and propose a very simple discount system. Our system is based on several percentage thresholds in accordance to the value of the ordered goods.

Our discounts are intended for all customers. Retail, wholesale, individual or companies. Regardless of whether you order once or regularly, after exceeding one of the thresholds you can take advantage of the appropriate discount. This discount will be permanently assigned to your account. Thanks to this, you will be able to use it for your next purchases, regardless of their amount.


Let's say you want to order a 1200 x 1200 mm shower tray with a thickness of 20 mm, which currently costs £ 380. To get the 5% discount you need to add products to your cart for a minimum of £ 120.

Blog - Shower Drains - Our Simple Trade Discounts

So it will be best to additionally choose a 7 m² waterproofing kit for your shower tray (you need to seal your shower anyway, so it's better to buy all the chemicals and accessories from us together with the tray). 

Blog - Shower Drains - Our Simple Trade Discounts

Your products are now £ 519. After adding them to the cart, a discount code is displayed below the price, which you should copy to use it when completing your order in the next stages. As you add more to your cart and exceed the next thresholds (according to the table below), the codes will change.

Blog - Shower Drains - Our Simple Trade Discounts

If you forgot to copy your voucher code you can always apply it from the table below the cart summary on the checkout site. The discount will be applied automatically.

Blog - Shower Drains - Our Simple Trade Discounts

After finalizing and paying for your order, a 5% discount will be added to your account permanently! From now on, with every purchase, regardless of their value, you will be able to use the discount code TRADE5 in your cart. Now you can proceed with filling all the necessary information needed to complete the order. Always use the same e-mail address as all the discount will be tied to it.

Blog - Shower Drains - Our Simple Trade Discounts

ATTENTION. The codes assigned to the account (TRADE5, TRADE10... etc.) cannot be combined with the codes of the cart (eg. K2MBFJES), but all codes can be applied to all products even discounted ones.

Discount thresholds & vouchers


Cart value / total purchases threshold

Cart voucher code

Trade voucher code


£ 500,00




£ 1000,00




£ 2.000,00




£ 5.000,00




£ 10.000,00




£ 25.000,00



If you are a bathroom fitter, buy from us and you will benefit with every order.

For any additional informations please contact us!


020 7193 0953

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With years of dedicated service in customer support and a dynamic role in sales, Matt stands out as a knowledgeable and reliable expert, especially in the realms of underfloor heating and shower drainage solutions. His journey through various facets of customer interaction and product introduction has not only honed his skills but also enriched his understanding of client needs and industry trends.

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Underfloor Heating: Matt's strongest suit lies in underfloor heating systems. His in-depth knowledge spans various aspects of this field, from installation nuances to maintenance tips.

Shower Drainage: With a confident grasp of shower drainage technologies, including linear shower drains and wet room shower trays, Matt provides valuable insights into modern bathroom solutions.

Blog Contributions

Matt's blog posts are a testament to his extensive experience across three key fields: customer support, sales, and product knowledge. Each article he pens is infused with practical advice, industry knowledge, and a deep understanding of customer perspectives.

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