A modern walk-in shower is undoubtedly more and more often chosen solution for bathrooms. We are attracted primarily by a modern, minimalist, timeless look, but also ease of use, optical bathroom enlargement, the possibility of creating it in very small bathrooms and so on... However, when designing and installing a floor drain or a shower tray in the floor there are a lot of mistakes to be avoided. You need to know about them in order to avoid problems with your shower in the future. Below is a list of some of the most common mistakes.


One of the most common mistakes made when planning a bathroom renovation is belief that you actually can't have a walk-in shower in your bathroom, for various of reasons. Sometimes the bathroom may seem extremely inconvenient or just too small, or the floor may seem too shallow. However, in most cases it is the wet-room shower that takes up much less space than a bathtub or even a regular shower cabin. With curbless shower you do not have to limit yourself to the usual shape or placing it in the corner of the bathroom. Such a shower will fit perfectly in a bay or even in the middle of the wall or, more futuristically, in the middle of a large bathroom.


This is one of the main sins that can be committed when building a walk-in shower. A good (minimum 2%) slope within the shower area will ensure proper drainage of water to the drain. Standing in a pool of dirty water while bathing will significantly reduce the quality of bathing experience in your dream shower. In addition, with properly made slopes, you will not need to use a squeegee after each bath. Residual water will slowly find its way to the drain. Fortunately, there are solutions on the market that will do that for you. Ready made wet room shower trays with factory-fitted drain and grooved slopes are the best solution for a standard shower size.


The second very serious mistake you can make is the lack of proper insulation under the tiles. Due to the specific construction of the wet-room shower, which is like an integral part of the floor and walls, proper waterproofing is necessary and should be treated as a required element of such installation. Insulation mats or liquid foil can be used for sealing. In corners it is best to use special elastic tapes. The shower surface should be sealed with an additional splash margin, and only use the highest quality liquid foil. We especially recommend our TANKING KIT.


When choosing a drain, the price should not be the only criterion. Given the possible problems and costs arising from the wrong choice of a drain, we should not save on this bathroom equipment. Choose only drains from reputable companies made with proper attention to detail and from good materials. The size must be adapted to the size of the shower itself. If you are planning a large, spacious shower with dimensions of, for example, 120 x 120 cm, then much better water collection will be provided with a 90 cm long linear drain than with a 50 cm one or a single square drain.

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