People often joke that the only place in the house where they can think in peacefully is the bathroom. Sometimes when taking a shower, suddenly good ideas come to our minds or we finally come up with a solution to a problem that has long troubled us. It turns out that this is a real case for most of people and it can be logically explained.

A lot of ideas often nest in our subconscious mind, but they are not allowed to speak because of the constant rush of life and the need to deal with current affairs that completely occupy our conscious thinking. Just when we are not forced to constantly think and plan on current issues our thoughts and ideas that are in the back of the head all the time can come to the surface from the depths of the mind.

It turns out that in our own bathroom, being a little cut off from the world, surrounded by walls on each side, we feel safe and comfortable enough to drift away with thoughts. In addition, we are familiar with the interior, so nothing catches our attention and does not distract us.

Creative thinking is most effective when we are engaged in some simple, trivial, well learned activity, at which we do not have to think about what to do, such as showering. Such a lack of activity for the mind causes involuntary diversion of our attention inward and focusing on what has been blocked until now. This can be considered as a kind of meditation.

In addition, taking a shower is a pleasant, relaxing activity during which dopamine is produced, called the hormone of happiness, it relaxes us and improves our mood.

On the Internet you can find many interesting and surprising shower thoughts. For example, one of the better known funny one is the following:

"Lawyers hope you get sued, doctors hope you get sick, cops hope you're criminal, mechanics hope you have car trouble, but only a thief wishes prosperity for you."

However, the biggest problem is the fact that when ideas suddenly appear, they often can suddenly be forgotten. Often, before we even leave the bathroom, we may not remember the brilliant idea we came up with three minutes ago. One of the solutions will be speaking the idea out loud, and preferably repeating it several times. This will help to slightly fix the burden of nerve connections leading to this information in our brain. The problem with running away ideas in the shower is pretty common. That is why a gadget was created in the form of a waterproof notebook for your golden thoughts, and it is supposed to be mounted directly under the shower.

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