Many cringe even when thinking of taking a cold bath every day. However, this habit, may prove to be beneficial for ones health. As it turns out, many common medical conditions can be minimized or eliminated without the necessity of stuffing yourself with drugs and supplements. In addition, it is a method which, unlike medications, does not pose a health hazards.

One may think that, it is impossible to associate cold baths with loosing weight. However, as research has shown, cold showers can mobilize fat tissue to burn calories that are needed to warm up the body. As always, on this subject it should be noted that diet and physical activity should be in the first place when reducing weight.

The most common effect mentioned by people practicing cold showers is a powerful boost of energy throughout the day. You can't argue with the energising shock when first pouring cold water on yourself in the morning. However, it turns out that this energy can last a lot longer when repeated daily. Thanks to the deep breathing and faster blood flow during cold bath, we lower the level of carbon dioxide in the blood, which has a positive effect on concentration and the so-called mental clarity. In addition, just breaking into such an uncomfortable activity greatly improves the mood and gives the impression of strength to face everyday challenges.

This is one of the less obvious advantages. While cold showers are not a cure for this progressive civilization disease, it turns out that they can really help. The increased amount of norepinephrine hormone produced during such shower helps to alleviate the symptoms of depression. In addition, the huge amount of electrical impulses sent through the skin to the brain positively stimulates the brain. Also, thanks to the reduction of cortisol, the level of stress decreases.

Another advantage, especially important for people working out, is the effect of accelerated post-workout muscle regeneration due to long cold showers. Research has shown that cold helps reduce muscle pain and swelling by improving blood circulation. This is also good information for people struggling with swelling, e.g. legs. A long cold bath improves drainage of accumulated lymph.

One of the most valuable assets of cold showers is the effect on the body's metabolism. Cold accelerates it significantly, which results in increased production of white blood cells, which ultimately improves immunity. Not only infection resistance is improved. By becoming accustomed to low temperatures, cold tolerance naturally increases. This improves the quality of life for vulnerable people in more severe climates. This is related, like most of the advantages mentioned here, to improved blood circulation, which is a reaction to periodic cold application and accelerated distribution of warm blood in the limbs.

Actually this one is not related to the presence of a cold water but lack of hot water. Hot water dries both the skin and hair, which obviously does negatively affect their appearance and accelerates aging. As research has shown, there are no significant hygiene differences between washing in warm and cold water. How long and how well you do it matter much more.

Given the number of benefits of taking a bath in cold water, it's worth breaking the reluctance and trying it yourself. For those concerned about the environment or their bills, it is worth adding that cold baths usually lasts a lot shorter, which can significantly reduce water consumption.

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